What Do You Mean By “No Bond”?

What Do You Mean By “No Bond”?

If you have seen the episodes of Law and Order, you probably already know the intensity of anticipation surrounding bail. Remember one of those episodes when the defendant stands before the jury, awaiting judgment, when the judge utters "no bond." Well, the term no-bond has profound implications in the law and criminal justice system. While many people hear the phrase in courtrooms, news reports, and legal documents, they don’t exactly know what it signifies. Searching for a bail bonding company to help you post bail? Before you start, here’s everything you need to know about no bond.

Definition of No Bond

When someone is arrested and brought before a judge for their hearing, the judge decides whether to grant bail. As we already know, bail is a financial guarantee that the defendant will appear in court, but the judge has the right to deny bail. When a judge announces no bond, the defendant isn’t eligible for release from county jail through bail as the judge has not set a bail amount. Instead, the arrested person has to remain in custody until the case concludes or a judge potentially sets bail at a later hearing.

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