What Can Chin Augmentation Filler Do for You?

What Can Chin Augmentation Filler Do for You?
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An individual’s chin is a defining facial feature; a contoured lawline or string chins are signs of beauty and youth. When the chin of an individual does not match the face, the nose can look a lot larger or your lips may be disproportionate.

Before chin augmentation filler came to existence, the only way to correct a poorly defined or under-projected chin was invasive chin implant surgery. A chin-filler is considered a non-surgical option that will not involve any discomfort or downtime. In this guide, you will learn more about chin augmentation filler.

What Can Fillers Do for Your Face?

A dermal filler is a substance that is often composed of hyaluronic acid. Non-surgically can help restore lost volume, enhance your facial contours and help minimize the telltale signs of aging when injected in certain areas like the face. It can also accomplish all these goals with almost no downtime for the patient. 

How Does a Chin Augmentation Filler Treatment Work For You?
When a dermal filler is injected in the chin area, it can help add volume and definition to the chin. The result is a chin that is in harmony and also proportional with the natural features of your face for a better and more balanced profile and appearance. Your provider can also recommend fillers in other areas of the face to help bring harmony to your facial features. Some additional options can include lip augmentation, liquid rhinoplasty and many more. 

What Will Happen During a Chin Filler Treatment?

The first thing is that an individual will assess your facial anatomy and also select the type of dermal fillers that can suit your individual goals. The treatment will take around one hour, after this the nurse will use a fine needle to properly inject the filler under your skin. The entire process is quick and easy, you can learn more when you visit the website of a reputed plastic surgeon. 

Is Chin Filler Painful?

The chin augmentation fillers that you can find today are said to be made with lidocaine which is a local anesthetic agent. If there is any discomfort, people report they can feel a little pricking sensation while the nurse is injecting the filler. But in most cases, it is relatively pain free, after the treatment, you must apply a cold compress which can help reduce any lingering discomfort.  

What Results Can You Expect After Fillers in the Chin?

If you are looking for results, know that they may be noticed immediately. But the results will continue to enhance over the following six to eight weeks. You will notice that you have a more chiseled chin, a much stronger profile and a better balance of your facial features. 

Final Words

If your chin is not developed or is under-projected, you can opt for chin augmentation fillers. Contact a reputed clinic in your area where you can opt for these fillers to enhance the condition and look of your chin.

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