What are the Types of ISO 27001 Audit for Effective ISMS Implementation

What are the Types of ISO 27001 Audit for Effective ISMS Implementation
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20 September 2023

Regular audits are an important part of ISO 27001 compliance. Audits guarantee that your Information Security Management System (ISMS) is not only compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard but also successful in ensuring information security for your organization. To ensure you're prepared, we'll go over everything you need to know about ISO 27001 audits, including the many types and why they're vital.

What Exactly is an ISO 27001 Audit and What Their Types

An ISO 27001 audit is a review procedure to determine if an organization's ISMS meets the standards of the standard as well as its information security best practices.

If you want to achieve ISO 27001 certification for your company, you'll need to understand the many sorts of audits that will be required. There are four major audit categories for ISO 27001: certification audit, internal audit, external audit, surveillance audit, and recertification audit.

Each of these audits is significant in its own right, and each one must be completed correctly for your company to earn and maintain accreditation. Here's all you need to know about ISO 27001 audits.

  • Certification Audit: The first and most significant form of audit for ISO 27001 is the certification audit. This audit is frequently conducted by an external assessor and is divided into two stages. The preliminary audit is usually performed to establish whether your organization is ready for a full certification audit. Stage 2 Audit is the real certification audit, which looks more closely at your ISMS's compliance with the standard.
  • Internal Audit: To show compliance, ISO 27001 requires organizations to plan and conduct internal audits. These audits are designed to examine and evaluate the effectiveness of the company's ISMS. They must be carried out regularly and the audit process must be documented. Internal audit teams within organizations can conduct these audits
  • External Audit: A certification body conducts external audits to establish whether your organization is meeting ISO 27001 requirements on an ongoing basis. The phrase "external audit" is most typically used to refer to the certification audit, in which an external auditor evaluates your ISMS to ensure that it fulfils ISO 27001 requirements and issues your certification. However, the phrase also includes other sorts of audits carried out by certifying agencies. Let's take a look at each of the three forms of external ISO 27001 audits in the table below.
  • Surveillance Audit: A certification body conducts the Surveillance audit, which mainly focuses on ISO 27001 clauses 4-10. Surveillance audits should be scheduled in years one and two after certification, and recertification audits should cover the complete scope of ISO 27001. When conducting this type of audit, the certifying body will assess your management system and may request to see some of your documents.
  • Recertification Audit: The Recertification audit is performed by your certification body to confirm that your organization is still in compliance with ISO 27001. The Recertification audit will be done every three years. Although there are no specific standards for how an organization performs its audits, it suggests that you follow the ISO 19011 guideline to ensure that your audits are successful and efficient.

How Certificationchecklist.com Could Support You in Preparing for ISO Audits

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