What are the risks of Dental Braces?

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Dental braces might seem to be a safe treatment method. But, sometimes, they can be problematic for the patients. Besides the advantages of the Braces in Superior CO, there are some disadvantages too. There are risks associated with dental braces. To know more about how patients might be affected by dental braces, read through this guide to know more.

Do Dental Braces Cause Cavities and Decalcification?

Within a short span after getting the dental braces, they might interfere with the food the patients eat. The small and vacant spaces that are caused by the braces around the teeth might get filled with food particles. It leads to the deposit of Plaque and bacteria.

Dental Plaque can cause damage to the enamel surface of the teeth and cause discoloration. It can lead to white marks appearing on the teeth, which is called decalcification of the teeth. Thus, dental braces can cause gum disease and decay of the teeth.

Does it cause Soft Tissue Injury?

Patients with dental braces are expected to feel a sensitivity on their inner lips, gums, and teeth. The wires of the braces and the metal bracket come in contact with the cheeks, which causes irritation. And it can lead to tissue injury in that particular region. Thus, proper treatment and care from a dentist or getting braces in Lafayette, CO, from the best clinic can help patients with such issues.

Can It Cause Allergic Reactions?

The allergic reactions due to the metal braces are a rare case. It can happen due to the latex rubber in the elastic or the nickel of the metal braces. But, these materials can be avoided for the braces if any patient has a known allergy. However, after placing the braces, if the patient feels any allergies inside their mouth, they must be removed or contact an orthodontist in Lafayette, CO, to resolve their problems.

Does Metal Braces Lead to the Loss of Correction?

Once the braces are removed, some patients might experience a loss of correction of their teeth. However, this does not happen for all. It is commonly prevalent in those patients who do not follow the instructions of the Orthodontist.

Can a Metal Brace shorten the Root Length?

As the teeth move during the dental procedure, some teeth might get dissolved and be replaced by new ones. It can permanently reduce the length of the root and also reduce the stability of the teeth over the long term.


While there are risks associated with the braces, they have multiple advantages, too. The risks are very low compared to the advantages of metal braces. Getting Braces in Superior, CO, from Align Orthodontics can give you the best solution with minimal issues.

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