What are the Procedures for Applying for the DGCA CPL exam?

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07 January 2023

Are you a pilot looking to obtain your best commercial pilot training in India (CPL) from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)? Then, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will explore what procedures must be followed when applying for the CPL exam. We will discuss the documents required, the fees associated with taking the exam, as well as helpful tips that can make your application process smoother. With these guidelines in hand, you’ll be on track to starting your journey toward achieving your CPL!

The Different Types of CPLs

There are four types of CPLs:
-Type I CPL: For students who want to become a commercial pilot
-Type II CPL: For students who want to become an airline transport pilot
-Type III CPL: For students who want to become a military combat pilot
-Type IV CPL: For students who want to become a private pilot

Each type of CPL has different requirements. For example, the Type I CPL requires you to have at least 250 hours of flight time, while the Type II CPL requires you to have at least 1,500 hours of flight time.

Applying for the DGCA CPL Exam

In order to apply for the DGCA CPL exam, candidates must first meet the minimum eligibility criteria set by the authority. Candidates must hold a valid Indian Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) issued by the DGCA. They must also have a current Class I medical certificate issued by a competent medical authority.

Once the minimum eligibility criteria have been met, candidates can then proceed to fill out the application form which is available on the DGCA website. The completed application form, along with all required supporting documents, must be submitted to the concerned Regional Office of the DGCA.

The documents that are required to be submitted along with the application form are as follows:
- A recent passport-size photograph
- A copy of the candidate's valid Indian CPL
- A copy of the candidate's current Class I medical certificate
- An application fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only), payable through demand draft in favor of "Airports Authority of India" drawn on any scheduled bank payable at New Delhi/Chennai/Kolkata

What to Expect on the Exam

The DGCA CPL exam is a multiple-choice examination that tests an applicant's knowledge of the principles and practices of commercial flying. The exam is divided into two parts, with Part One covering Air Regulations and Part Two covering Navigation. Applicants must achieve a passing score on both parts of the examination in order to be eligible for a Commercial Pilot License.

The examination is conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and is held twice yearly at their offices in Mumbai and Delhi. The examination fee is Rs. 2500/- and can be paid by demand draft or credit card. Registration for the exam can be done online through the DGCA website and closed two weeks prior to the exam date.

Applicants are required to bring their own flight computer and plotter, as well as a current passport, two passport-sized photographs, and photo identification (such as a driver's license) on the day of the exam. The examination itself takes approximately four hours to complete.

Tips for Studying for the DGCA CPL Exam

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how best to study for the DGCA CPL exam. However, there are some general tips that can help you prepare for this important test.

First, it is important to make sure that you are familiar with the content of the exam. The DGCA website provides an outline of the topics covered on the exam. Make sure you understand what will be expected of you on each section of the test.

Second, create a study schedule and stick to it. It can be helpful to set aside specific days and times each week to study for the CPL exam. But don't try to cram all your studying into a short period of time before the test; this is likely to lead to burnout and may actually hurt your performance on the exam.

Third, take practice exams under timed conditions. This will help you get used to working under pressure and will give you a better sense of how much time you need to spend on each question. There are many free practice exams available online; just do a search for "DGCA CPL practice exam."

Fourth, make use of study aids such as flashcards and textbooks specifically designed for the DGCA CPL exam. These materials can be extremely helpful in solidifying your understanding of key concepts.

Finally, remember that rest and relaxation are also important parts of effective studying. Be sure to take breaks often, and don't forget


To conclude, applying for the DGCA CPL exam can seem daunting at first. However, with a bit of patience and research, you will be able to understand all the different procedures involved in the process. Make sure to read up on all the criteria mentioned in this article before beginning your application so that you are well-informed about what’s expected from you. We wish you luck on your journey toward becoming a pilot!

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