What Are The Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant?

What Are The Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant?
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For many people, hair loss is a prevalent problem which negatively impacts on their confidence and self-esteem. To correct this medical condition, there are several hair restoration methods present. Among all of them, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is one of the most popular and successful techniques.

Based on insights taken from Dr. Niti Gaur, a skin-renowned medical professional for FUT hair transplant in Gurgaon in this blog, we are going to explore the benefits of FUT hair transplant. So continue reading this blog and learn why FUT continues to be a popular choice for those seeking to restore a full head of hair.

What is a FUT Hair Transplant?

FUT refers to Follicular Unit Transplant is the traditional method of hair transplant. It is a core surgical procedure in which hair strips usually from the backside of the scalp are used to implant on the balding area. FUT hair transplant is accompanied by a longer period of recovery, more restriction during the recovery phase, and downtime. 

The procedure of FUT Hair Transplant

  1. Candidate’s complete health checkup
  2. Selection of donor area
  3. Administration of local or general anesthesia to extract the hair strips
  4. Make incisions on balded area
  5. Implant the strips 
  6. Close the incisions.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant Technique

Some of the most common benefits that make the FUT highly considerable are as follows:

  • An elevated rate of graft survival

This high graft survival rate is one of the main benefits of FUT hair transplantation. A portion of the donor skin, usually the back of the head, is stripped of a strip of skin holding hair to perform the FUT procedure. The follicular units in this strip are then separated, causing the grafts as little damage as possible. Given this, there is a good likelihood that the grafts will thrive and spread to the recipient region, producing a long-lasting and natural outcome.

  • Greater Graft Quantity

FUT is a great option for people with substantial hair loss because it usually offers a greater number of grafts than some other hair restoration procedures. A patient's look can be improved more significantly when a large number of grafts can be harvested in a single session, as this leads to better coverage and density.

  • Results That Look Exceptionally Natural

FUT hair transplants produce remarkably realistic-looking outcomes. The transplanted hair will resemble the natural hair growth pattern thanks to the exact dissection of follicular units. It is also practically hard to tell transplanted hair from the patient's natural hair due to the grafts' thick packing, seamlessly blending in with the patient's natural hair.

  • Perfect for Big Bald Spots

FUT works very well for treating huge bald spots or progressive hair loss. It is an effective way to restore a full head of hair and achieve complete coverage since a large number of grafts may be extracted in a single session.

  • Minimally Invasive Technique

FUT is minimally invasive even if it involves surgery. The donor area usually has a linear scar left by it, however thanks to improvements in closure procedures and surgical techniques, these scars are now frequently very tiny and well-hidden by surrounding hair. For those who are worried about scarring, this makes FUT a feasible choice.

  • Long-Lasting Results

FUT hair transplants offer long-lasting results. Once the transplanted hair has grown in, it tends to be permanent. This means that patients can enjoy the benefits of their FUT procedure for many years, often a lifetime.

  • Cost-Effective

Compared to some other hair transplant methods, FUT is generally more cost-effective, primarily because it allows for the harvesting of a larger number of grafts in a single session. This can reduce the overall cost of the procedure, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.


The FUT hair transplant technique has shown to be a very helpful and successful treatment for people who are experiencing hair loss. For those seeking to restore their full head of hair and the associated confidence, FUT is a promising option due to its high graft survival rate, natural outcomes, and capacity to treat extensive balding areas. A vital initial step on your path to hair rejuvenation, if you're thinking about hair restoration, speaking with a qualified hair transplant professional, is essential to identify the best method for your situation. 

Dr. Niti Gaur is the best dermatologist in Gurgaon. Citrine Clinic provides various types of invasive and non-invasive hair restoration treatments like mesotherapy, derma roller, growth factor injection, and hair transplant using FUT and FUE techniques. You can consider her for consultation or treatment to regain natural hair.

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