What Are The 2000 Graft Hair Transplant Costs In The UK?

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17 November 2023

Are you struggling to restore your lost beauty? Do you struggle to manage the receding hairline? Are you worried about the 2000 graft hair transplant cost? Don’t be because at the best clinics in UK, the magic restoration of your hair is possible!

What Is A 2000 Graft Hair Transplant?

The total number of grafts needed to restore your hair can be variable. This depends on your unique needs, hair density, hair loss area, scalp laxity, facial characteristics, general aesthetic appeal, etc.

The grafts are used to specify hair follicles and a single graft can hold around 2-3 strands of hair. With the 2000 graft hair transplant costyou get better results as these transplant around 5k-6k follicles. However, this depends on your requirements as an average surgery can have around 1800 grafts. However, for crown hair transplant, you can expect around 2500 grafts.

How Are Grafts Placed?

During the hair transplant, the grafts are removed from the donor area located at the back of the head. This is because the same is a great extraction area due to the larger volume of hair follicles. These are then placed on the desired area.

There are two common types of hair transplant procedures and both use this process –

  • The FUE hair transplant procedures are quite popular as these use individual hair follicles from the donor area. These are then placed on your desired area to attain the best results.
  • In case of the FUT method which is the more invasive the procedure, a strip of the scalp is removed from the back. This is then transplanted to the required area. However, the recovery is slow and chances of scarring are high.

What Are The 2000 Graft Hair Transplant Costs?

FUE procedure  Price per graft (in £) Total price (in £)
MEGA FUE (up to 2000 graft hair transplant costs) 2.99 5,999

With the best FUE treatment clinics, you can enjoy an amazing and effective hair transplant that is less invasive than traditional procedures. The quality of the service ensures that you are comfortable during and after the procedure.


When it comes to FUE hair transplant, choosing only the best clinics with experienced professionals is recommended. They must also have the right technology, regulated health and safety measures along with aftercare services to improve your overall experience. Hence, whether you are planning to go for 500 or 2000 graft procedures, having only the best clinic is important.

This is because the best ones guarantee higher hair survival rates, have careful precision methods and alternatives that add a few grafts to your hairline as per the need. This is crucial as you have a finite number of the grafts at the back of your head and sides of the scalp. These can be easily used for transplantation over the course of your treatment. Utilizing this through a careful planned strategy is crucial.

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