What are cargo pants and why you need a pair in your closet

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22 November 2023

Cargo pants with military print.

The cargo pants are called combat pants since the first of their type were used as military clothing, with the pockets designed in this way to be able to carry different objects, while the material was resistant for harsh environments and outdoor activities. The first were worn by the British Army during World War II (based on earlier military clothing) and were eventually adopted by the United States Army. Over time, like other garments of their type, they were adopted as casual clothing over time. In the 80s they were marketed to fishermen, using pockets as one of their strengths, but in the 90s they secured their place in men's fashion and in movements such as nu metal. 

Since then, they have become much more universal garments and are one of the essential pants in men's wardrobes. The classics are maintained with resistant materials that can even dry quickly, but now they are made of different materials, with the patch pockets being the only feature that unites them all. In fact, cargo pants have been so popular that the famous cargo shorts have been created, the short version of these pants with similar materials and the classic pockets on the sides. 

Cargo pants have changed designs over the years.

 Wearing cargo pants

The classics can be used for any type of season, being ideal for rainy days if you don't want wet pants . On the other hand, these pants should generally be used for casual or sporty looks (being useful for some cyclists). Its loose look and some materials make it almost impossible to wear it in any formal, or semi-formal, environment. However, due to their popularity, there are some cargo pants with a tighter fit and designs that make them look like chinos, which makes them ideal for smart-casual wear, but it depends a lot on the type of pants and the colors . 

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