What Announcements Should a DJ Make at a Wedding?

What Announcements Should a DJ Make at a Wedding?
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A DJ plays more than one role in a wedding from breathing life into the crowd to guiding your guests to the key moments of your wedding. 

Being a wedding DJ isn’t just about playing different songs because, in most weddings, DJs are asked to MC the wedding.

What’s MC you ask?


MC or master of ceremonies is responsible for making important announcements throughout the event. Other than entertaining the guests and making them anticipate what’s ahead, the DJ has to instruct them about the ceremonies and control the flow of your entire wedding.

Let’s know more about essential DJ announcements to be made at a wedding.

Why DJ Announcements in Wedding Should be Perfect?

Getting a DJ announcement that cuts through the noise of the talking crowd is a necessity for any event. 

Following are a few reasons why you don’t want to compromise on DJ announcements at your wedding:

Proper Guidance: The DJ or MC can direct the guests through the event letting them know what ceremony is ahead like the first dance, gathering to cut cake, etc. so that nobody misses out.

Smooth Event Flow: If your DJ announcements are perfect then your event flow will be seamless, it’ll automatically switch from one ceremony to another without any hiccups.

Creating Atmosphere: DJ announcements also set the mood for your guests and excite them like getting everyone ready for the bride and groom’s entry or pumping up the dance floor.

Guest Engagement: After a while sitting idly at a wedding you may feel bored but wedding announcements engage with the guests, involving and connecting them in the celebration.

Avoiding Confusion: Clear and precise announcements avoid any confusion, so that everyone knows where to be and what to expect, reducing stress for everyone involved.

What does a DJ do in Wedding

what does a wedding dj do

If you consider reliable wedding DJ services then your DJ should be handling many roles for you. Some of these rules include:

Helps Stick to the Schedule

Once you hire a DJ then it is his responsibility to keep things on track by keeping everything on track, making sure every vow, ceremony, or event is completed on their designated time. They continuously make announcements to keep the flow going and adjust based on delays.

Acts as Host

Your DJ should be guiding your guests through the evening and keeping everyone informed. They come up with unique hook lines or jokes to keep your guests entertained and enjoy the celebration.

Plays Music for Ceremonies and Cocktails

Instead of live musicians, a wedding DJ can play music for your ceremony and cocktail hour. They set the mood with the right tunes for walking down the aisle and create a pleasant atmosphere for mingling.

Sets the Atmosphere

More than just playing songs, a wedding DJ sets the vibe for your reception. They know what music gets people dancing and can adjust to keep the party going or create a romantic feel if that's what you want.

Resolve All Issues

If anything goes wrong, your DJ is there to fix it. Whether it's a delay in dinner or a missing speaker, they'll cover it up so you and your guests can keep having fun without noticing any hiccups.

What to Avoid in DJ Announcements?

The biggest thing to consider when designating a DJ for announcements is that they are clear on the fact that it is your special day, not an opportunity to show off their public speaking skills. 

Following are a few big nos that you need to stop right away in DJ announcements:

  • Continuously interrupting music to energize the crowd which end up ruining the dance for others
  • Cracking offensive or sexist jokes either on the couple or the guests or cringe worthy comments
  • Promoting their company a little too much in the announcements
  • Announcements should be concise and to the point so if they are talking too much stop them.
  • Embarrassing people or making them uncomfortable
  • Mumbling words not clearly announced so people are lost in what's happening.

Summing Up

To conclude, the DJ announcements are essential to keep your wedding celebration running smoothly. Hiring a skilled DJ guarantees that every one of your guests has a memorable time as they take it upon themselves to guide guests through key moments to maintain a relaxing atmosphere throughout the event.

Looking to hire a DJ for an improved wedding experience, consider hiring a DJ from Empire State Events. With their expertise and professionalism, they'll handle all the announcements seamlessly, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment of your special day. 

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