Vital Origin ErgoMax BRAIN SUPPORT (NEW 2022!) Does It Work Or Just Scam?

Vital Origin ErgoMax BRAIN SUPPORT (NEW 2022!) Does It Work Or Just Scam?
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07 November 2022
Vital Origin ErgoMax

➢Product Name —Vital Origin ErgoMax
➢Main Benefits — Brain Booster
➢ Composition — Natural Organic Compound
➢ Side-Effects— NA
➢ Rating: — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
➢ Availability — Online
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 Max Longevity Reviews - Vital Origin ErgoMax is a beverage formulated using mushroom extracts to maintain brain health. The mushroom blend contains ergothioneine and beta-glucans, which have the power to prevent aging.

Brain health begins to deteriorate, as people grow older. Cognitive functions associated with memory, focus, concentration, dealing with stress, and thinking are affected. Plenty of supplements on the market help boost brain function and uphold the immune system.

Researchers from Vital Origin Inc. developed a powerful mushroom whose primary purpose is to give the brain optimal function. Vital Origin ErgoMax is scientifically proven to protect brain cells against aging. The mushroom extract contains crucial amino acids and antioxidants that significantly impact the human brain.

The manufacturers of the natural remedy claim that it’s a game-changing alternative that genuinely benefits brain health without side effects. Read more in this review about the benefits of Vital Origin ErgoMax, how it works, the ingredients, pricing, and if it's worth buying.

What is Vital Origin ErgoMax?

Vital Origin ErgoMax is a beverage formulated using mushroom extracts to maintain brain health. The mushroom blend contains ergothioneine and beta-glucans, which have the power to prevent aging.

Ergothioneine used to be available in foods in the past. However, due to modern farming methods, it has slowly depleted in the soil, and only available in good mushrooms. The quantity of ergothioneine in mushrooms has decreased over the years, which is why ErgoMax is created with the correct dose.

It isn't easy to get the full impact of ergothioneine by consuming the modern mushrooms available in the market, but Vital Origin ErgoMax is developed in the purest form.

Vital Origin ErgoMax is a berry-flavored drink suitable for human consumption. It does not have additives or gluten, and has passed a third-party laboratory test it.

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How does Vital Origin ErgoMax Work?

Toxins are the leading causes of brain-related issues such as dementia and Alzheimer's Vital Origin ErgoMax is meant to deal with the toxins by removing them from the brain and preventing further adverse effects.

Other causes of abnormal brain function are inflammation due to aging, poor diet, and allergens found in the air. Prolonged inflammation of the brain is linked with premature aging and the occurrence of Parkinson's disease. Aging causes memory loss, poor concentration, mood, blood sugar changes, lack of sleep, and other factors.

Vital Origin ErgoMax enables the brain to perform to its full potential and reduces aging. The ingredients in the product have other effects, such as the development of the nervous system, improving the immune system, lowering of cholesterol levels, improving the function of the arteries and white blood cells, and improving the immune system.

The ergothioneine in Vital Origin ErgoMax plays a vital role in protecting the brain cells. It also restores and aids cell production in all body parts. When you take Vital Origin ErgoMax, you wake up feeling rejuvenated and stress-free. The cells are replenished after a few days. According to the manufacturer, the supplement starts to work instantly, and you will feel


Energized and stable


More clear-headed


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 Vital Origin ErgoMax Ingredients

Vital Origin ErgoMax contains mushroom extracts that offer maximum benefit to the brain. The ingredients are vegan-friendly so, anyone can take the product. The supplement supplies enough nutrients to the brain and the rest of the body. Here are some of the ingredients disclosed by the manufacturer:


This mushroom extract supports the central nervous system, reduces harmful cholesterol levels, and promotes cardiovascular health. Maitake guards heart health by supporting the functions of the arteries and ensuring the body has good cholesterol levels.


Shitake is a popular mushroom primarily for food and medicinal purpose. It is rich in polysaccharides and beta-glucans, which strengthen the immune system's health. They help improve the production of white cells, which fights diseases and infections.


Oyster mushrooms are rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They help keep normal blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels. Flavonoids and phenolics are antioxidants found in oyster mushrooms whose role is to keep the cells healthy.


Tremella contains the antioxidants known as polysaccharide, which supports nerve growth and boosts brain function. Antioxidant is good for the health of the skin and cardiovascular system.

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Benefits of Vital Origin ErgoMax

Here are the benefits of Vital Origin ErgoMax and what makes it unique:

Reduces Memory Loss

The product is mainly formulated to target brain functions. It is backed by thorough clinical trials which have proven to restore cognitive health. When the brain function is repaired, it becomes easy to recall and store memories.

Reduces Brain Inflammation

Premature aging and other age-related conditions are caused by inflammation of the brain. The ergothioneine in ErgoMax is an antioxidant that reduces cellular inflammation in the brain and helps prevent diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Enhances Mood

When toxins and inflammation are eliminated from the brain, the cells are rejuvenated, making someone less moody and free from anxiety. Antioxidants play a role in the connection between the nervous system and the brain.

Improves Cognitive Function

The mushroom extracts in ErgoMax help improve the functions of the brain and nervous system. The supplement re-ignites the brainpower, which increases focus, promotes short and long-term memory, and increases mental clarity.

How to use Vital Origin ErgoMax

rgoMax Longevity is a berry-formulated drink that is taken once per day. The product can be combined with water or your preferred shake. Use the following steps to bring the delicious blend:

Use a small level scoop to get a small amount of the mixture

Add water or your preferred shake to the mixture

Take the concoction once per day to get instant benefits

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Vital Origin ErgoMax is a doctor-formulated supplement with no gluten, GMOs, or additives.

It has a delicious berry taste whether mixed with water or shake

It helps the brain reach maximum function

It is made from 100% mushroom extracts


You can get the product from their official manufacturers’ website only

Pricing and Money back Guarantee

Vital Origin ErgoMax is available on the official website. The price is discounted for the three pricing options.

One month supply (1 bottle) at $69 + free shipping

Three-month supply (3 bottles) at $59 each + free shipping

Six-month supply (6 bottles) at $49 each + free shipping

Once you have made your order, you will receive a USPS tracking number and the package within days.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied with the product, you can get 100% money back.


Vital Origin ErgoMax is a scientifically proven product to be a mind-boosting blend. The ergothioneine and beta-glucans content guarantee a healthy brain and support the immune system and cognitive and cardiovascular health. Other nutrients found in the mushroom extract have additional benefits to the body.

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