Villain likes to be a father every day [wear quickly]

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06 January 2023

Things on Weibo do not calm down because of the calm here. Sunspot does not give up and still blackens on the Internet, focusing on the children who wish the best actor not to get married? Is not promiscuous relationship between men and women, private life, not careful to get out of the human life? Who is the mother of the child? It's not a peripheral woman, is it? People's malice is magnified infinitely, even if some fans and passers-by speak for the movie king, saying that they should not put so much malice on a child, sunspots are happy to do so. Excellent people are admired and yearned for, while others are jealous and unwilling, wishing they would fall from the sky, fall into the mud and be trampled by others. After Zhu Ji coaxed Tuanzi to sleep, he turned on the computer. The computer in his hand was his only property. It was a top notebook worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. He studied computer, and he was not short of money to buy the best computer before. Before turning on the computer, Zhu Ji opened the micro-blog and looked at it. When he saw some unknown remarks attacking the children, his gentle eyebrows and eyes became frozen. His finger flips, along some words of radical ID, touch into the other party's computer, and then along the water army chat records to find the water army leader's computer. The head of the water army is very cautious. He has been using his mobile phone to contact his employer all the time. After making a phone call, he deleted the record. Therefore, he only found out that someone hired the water army to hack him, but there was no evidence of who it was. In fact, Zhu Ji has always had a pretty good idea. Previously, he was blacklisted on the Internet for playing a big name and bullying the younger generation. It refers to the scene with Wei Ming, the male partner of the crew, when shooting a movie. He always strives for perfection, while Wei Ming's acting skills are exaggerated and superficial, and the director doesn't care too much, but he can't stand the obvious flaws in his work, so whenever the other party makes a mistake, he stops and asks for a reshoot. In the video shot secretly, the angle was deliberately chosen and edited. The whole video looked like the movie king with a straight face and an unhappy face. He did not have the usual gentle and clear appearance, and asked to do it again and again. Standing opposite the movie king, the big boy who played opposite the movie king had red eyes and was so wronged that he didn't cry. He was obviously bullied. One of the reasons for this video is that the best actor has always given the public a different impression. He is overbearing and stern on the set, obviously embarrassing each other's newcomers. How can he be modest and bring up the younger generation before? The second is that people are visual animals, only believe what they see, and naturally sympathize with the weak, so they subconsciously stand on Wei Ming's side, saying that even if the younger brother is not good, don't be so fierce, as a senior, shouldn't we teach the younger generation well? And the little brother seems to have worked very hard. What else does the best actor wish to do? Can't rely on seniority to bully people like this? In this case, the vested interest is Wei Ming, and as he was blackened more and more seriously, Wei Ming was frequently mentioned, using people's sympathy to attract a large number of fans. Zhu Ji did not feel the other side's deliberate, ibc spill containment pallet ,collapsible pallet box, but did not care at that time, now want to care, along the other side just released a micro-blog touch the past. That Weibo is an advertising partner's official announcement cooperation forwarding, Wei Ming since that fire, resources have been good, popularity has also risen frequently. In the bathroom of a five-star hotel, a young man lies in the bathtub and takes a bath with a glass of red wine beside him, resting with his eyes closed. Suddenly, the alarm sounded in my mind, "Warning warning, someone invaded the host's computer, judging that data leakage will cause unknown big trouble, the system automatically diverted the host's energy to block the other side." Wei Ming felt a shock in his heart. He didn't even have time to wipe the water on his body. He rushed out and asked the system, "What's the matter?"? Who is it? The strange thing in his mind said, "Unknown danger, unknown danger, cannot be detected." Wei Ming ran to the front of the computer, before the bath he just sent a micro-blog computer has not been turned off, some time ago received an international brand endorsement, today just signed the contract on the busy announcement. Touching the hot temperature on the computer, Wei Ming was surprised and uncertain. Was it a hacker attacking his computer? Unfortunately, even the omnipotent thing on his body could not be found out, and Wei Ming could not. The other side. Zhu Ji stared at the garbled code on the computer, his eyes deep and thoughtful. "Dad, how much do we charge for a meal?" Zhu Ji touched Tuanzi's little head and explained to her, "If you buy your own food and cook it at home, it may cost ten or twenty yuan. If you want to eat meat, it will cost more than thirty or forty yuan." He thought about it and said, "It's not sanitary and expensive to order takeout." "How much is the takeout, Dad?" "Takeout sometimes costs dozens of yuan, sometimes hundreds of yuan, depending on what Yin Yin wants to eat.." Zhu Ji has never taken care of a child, but he doesn't think that children should be fooled when they are young. It is very important for children to have a correct view of money when they are young. After explaining, Zhu Ji looked at the child thoughtfully and asked, "Why do you ask these questions?" "Don't worry, Dad can afford you." Tuanzi looked at his father with great heartache. Look, his father was trying to be brave again. His uncle said that it was very hard for his father to go out and move bricks every day, and he could not earn much money. But for the sake of his father's face, Yin Yin did not expose his father's lies and struggled to think about the small treasury he had saved. After picking up bottles with my uncle for two days, Yin Yin saved a thick stack of change. She thought about how many days she could support her father in her small treasury. After all the calculations, she fainted herself. Dad, if, if fifty yuan, how many days can you eat? Zhu Ji looked at the food on the table and stewed soup for Tuanzi tonight. The ingredients were all the best within his ability. There was a child beside him who couldn't help but want to buy the best things. He spent more than 50 yuan on the ingredients for this meal in the evening. Looking at Tuanzi's serious face, he said, "We ate almost 100 yuan tonight." "How much is a hundred?" "One hundred is two fifties." Tuanzi surprised, holding a small eyebrow, she picked up two days of bottles unexpectedly not enough for Dad to eat a meal?! Tuanzi thought about the days when she used to pick up bottles by herself, and with the help of her uncles and aunts,plastic pallet crates, it was enough to raise herself, but her father could eat so much? When Yang Bingbing came, Tuanzi secretly lay down in his uncle's ear and sighed with him: "It's so expensive to raise Baba!!!" Yang Bingbing: ".." He couldn't help but want to pay for Tuanzi to raise his father.

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