Vietnam Football

Despite a long history of football in Vietnam, the sport was still very new to the rest of the world in 2006. A football guidebook was published in 1925 by a local doctor, who told of the first match between a Vietnamese team and the Cercle Sportif Saigonnais of France. You can also watch matches on Saoke TV.

Initially, the game was played among French soldiers and merchants, but it was later spread to other parts of the colony. Local football clubs appeared in southern and central Vietnam. In 1966, the first GANEFO competitions were held, and the North Vietnamese team played against other Communist states. The team finished a disappointing fourth in the competition.

The South Vietnamese team also participated in the first two AFC Asian Cup finals. They finished fourth both times. In 2007, Vietnam reached the quarterfinals of the AFC Asian Cup. In the final, Vietnam lost to Singapore 0-2. In 2010, Vietnam qualified for the AFF Championship, but it was beaten by Malaysia. In 2013, the team lost to Myanmar. In 2015, Vietnam lost to Thailand. In 2016, Vietnam beat Indonesia, and drew with Malaysia. In 2017, Vietnam beat Thailand, and lost to Burma. The team has also defeated Laos, Thailand, and Indonesia.

In addition to playing football at a national level, Vietnam has also played in various regional tournaments. Vietnam has been to the World Cup, but has never won. The team has also participated in the Southeast Asian Games. In 1959, the South Vietnam team won the first Southeast Asian Games. In 1997, Vietnam played in the AFF Suzuki Cup, and lost to Iraq. The team also played in the ASEAN Football Federation championship in 1996.

The Vietnam Football Federation is the national governing body of the game in Vietnam. It is also the organization that administers national football leagues and teams. It is also responsible for testing, coaching, and developing football athletes. In 2018, the Vietnamese national under-23 football team was finalists in the AFC U-23 Championship tournament. It is also the organization that administers the Vietnamese women's national football team. In addition, the Vietnam Football Federation is also responsible for hosting continental football leagues. It has also been sponsoring the national football team with Nike, Adidas, and Li-Ning.

The Vietnamese national soccer team is considered to be one of the top teams in Southeast Asia. They have beaten Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, but have not won against the Philippines or Burma. In 2003, they defeated Singapore, and were crowned ASEAN champions. They were also beaten by the Philippines in 2006. In 2008, they won the AFF Championship, and in 2018, they won the ASEAN championship. The team has played in 26 matches against Thailand at national team level. They have also drawn seven matches against Thailand, including three wins.

The current team is called the VFS, which is a Vietnamese name for the national team. The VFS is also responsible for the development of the game, and is ready to host football leagues and other professional football tournaments in the future.

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