Upgraded Product Prototypes Look Better

Upgraded Product Prototypes Look Better
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Companies of all types often depend on prototypes to drive sales of their new products. They're used in sales presentations, trade shows, booths, and everywhere else the new goods are shown. It's why intelligent industrial designers use transfer decals just as curators use them for museum labels. Prototypes aim to represent future manufactured products accurately and need to look perfect. Nothing beats rub-on transfer decals for the required logos and lettering. You design the decals yourself, order the transfers, and rub them on yourself in one quick step; they're an ideal solution.

If lettering is painted or stenciled on the final products, it's easy to replicate with transfer decals. They're lacquer ink with adhesive backing. It's an ingenious design that makes them easier for you as the end user. Other methods require water or adhesive; nothing like it is needed with transfers. Also, if you change your mind and want to redo something later, you can design and order new decals. When they arrive, you can swap them for the old ones, and nothing more than removal and reapplication is needed. It's quicker and less expensive than repainting or starting over with a new prototype.

Advanced prototyping methods have raised the bar, and if your company goes head-to-head with worthy competitors, you have to be the best. It's why using superior methods like dry transfer decals for lettering and logos matters. When buyers consider things, they can take a magnifying glass to the details and quickly form opinions, for better or worse. Many times it's details that impress people, and you only have one chance to get them correct. Anything less and your products might be passed over in favor of others, and timing matters. When you're first to market with a better product, you win.

When working on a tight turnaround, it's good to know transfer decals can be produced in as little as 24 to 48 hours. When applied, they're instantly final and ready to go, which also helps when you work down to the wire. With other factors out of your control, closely managing the things you can makes a difference on high-profile projects. Also, few things matter as much as color and logo on branded products. Transfer decals allow you to get the correct one every time with no stress. When you submit your electronic files, they're used to make the decals. It's a straightforward.

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