Unveiling Udaipur's Hidden Gems: Offbeat Attractions to Explore

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28 August 2023

When planning your visit to the enchanting city of Udaipur, it's easy to get caught up in the grandeur of its famous palaces, serene lakes, and bustling markets. However, Udaipur has more to offer than just its well-known tourist spots. In this guide, we will take you on a journey to discover Udaipur's hidden gems - the offbeat attractions that may not always make it to the top of the travel brochures but are well worth your time. Whether you're arriving via Udaipur Airport or exploring the city after a Udaipur Sightseeing Tour, these lesser-known treasures will add a unique charm to your Udaipur experience.


1. Ahar Cenotaphs: A Historical Gem

Ahar, located a short taxi ride from Udaipur's city center, is home to a collection of cenotaphs that pay homage to the Mewar rulers. These elegant, marble memorials are not only a testimony to Udaipur's royal history but also provide a peaceful escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Kalyan Tours can arrange a visit, providing you with insights into the historical significance of these structures.

2. Sajjangarh Palace: The Monsoon Palace

Perched on a hill, the Sajjangarh Palace offers breathtaking panoramic views of Udaipur and its picturesque lakes. Often referred to as the Monsoon Palace, it's an ideal spot to watch the sunset, making it a perfect addition to your Udaipur Sightseeing Tour. The best way to reach here is via a taxi service in Udaipur, which can easily be arranged.

3. Shilpgram: A Rural Arts and Crafts Complex

Shilpgram, situated just 3 kilometers west of Udaipur, is a cultural hub where you can explore rural arts, crafts, and lifestyles. Visiting Shilpgram is like taking a step back in time to experience the rich traditions of Rajasthan. Kalyan Tours can guide you through this cultural oasis, introducing you to local artisans and their crafts.

4. Saheliyon Ki Bari: The Garden of Maidens

While not entirely hidden, Saheliyon Ki Bari is often overlooked in favor of more famous attractions. This historic garden is adorned with fountains, lotus pools, and marble pavilions, offering a serene escape from the city's chaos. It's an excellent spot for photography and a tranquil stop during your Udaipur Sightseeing Tour.

5. Vintage Car Museum: An Auto Enthusiast's Dream

Car enthusiasts will find a hidden treasure in Udaipur's Vintage Car Museum. This museum boasts an impressive collection of vintage cars, including Rolls-Royces, Fords, and Cadillacs. If you're fascinated by classic automobiles, this museum is a must-visit. Kalyan Tours can arrange transportation for you to explore this hidden gem.

6. Jaisamand Lake: Asia's Second-Largest Man-Made Lake

While the iconic Lake Pichola often takes the limelight, Jaisamand Lake, the second-largest artificial lake in Asia, remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. It's a serene and tranquil place where you can enjoy a boat ride or simply relax by the lakeside. Kalyan Tours can help you arrange a visit to this hidden oasis.

7. Bagore Ki Haveli Museum: A Glimpse into Royalty

Bagore Ki Haveli, located by Lake Pichola, offers a fascinating peek into the royal lifestyle of the Maharanas of Mewar. This museum showcases a remarkable collection of artifacts, costumes, and art. Stroll through its historic corridors and courtyards to experience the grandeur of Rajasthan's royal heritage.

8. Dharohar Folk Dance and Music Show: A Cultural Extravaganza

Udaipur's Dharohar Dance and Music Show, held at the Bagore Ki Haveli, is a hidden gem for those seeking an authentic cultural experience. Witness traditional Rajasthani folk dances and melodies performed by local artists. It's a lively and colorful spectacle that adds a cultural dimension to your visit.

In conclusion, Udaipur's hidden gems offer a diverse range of experiences beyond the city's more famous attractions. To make the most of your exploration, consider using the reliable Udaipur Airport taxi service and the expertise of Kalyan Tours. These offbeat destinations will not only provide you with unique memories but also allow you to connect with the rich culture and history of this enchanting city.

So, when you plan your Udaipur trip, remember to venture off the beaten path and uncover these hidden treasures that showcase the true essence of this royal city.

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