Unlocking Investment Potential: Types of Alternative Investment Funds and the Benefits of Investing in AIFs

Unlocking Investment Potential: Types of Alternative Investment Funds and the Benefits of Investing in AIFs
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22 September


Explore the diverse world of alternative investment funds (AIFs) and discover the advantages of incorporating them into your investment portfolio. Learn how different AIF types can diversify your investments, manage risk, and potentially yield higher returns. Explore the possibilities with AIFs today

Benefits of Investing in AIFs :

  • Customizable

The structure of an AIF can be tailored to fit a specific investing strategy, whether it’s exposure to a single sector or diversification across asset classes. This allows investors to create a portfolio that aligns with their investment goals and risk tolerance.

  • Raising Resources and Flexibility

AIFs can raise funds from any investor, whether Indian, foreign, or non-resident Indian (NRI). This allows AIFs to tap into a wider pool of capital, which can be used to meet certain investment goals.

  • Passive Investments

Many investors value their time highly and prefer passive investments that require little effort to manage. AIFs provide investors with the opportunity to invest in assets that require little to no effort to manage.

For example, if an investor invests in a real estate AIF, the AIF’s management team takes care of all aspects of the investment, including property management, maintenance, and leasing. This allows investors to enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate without having to worry about managing the property themselves.

  • Uncorrelated to the Stock Market

One of the main benefits of investing in AIFs is that they are often uncorrelated with the stock market. This means that if the stock market experiences a sharp decline, AIFs can act as a hedge of protection. The entire investment portfolio will be unaffected. This is because AIFs invest in private alternatives, which are mostly immune to public market volatility. As a result, investors can diversify their portfolios and hedge against volatility.

  • Direct Ownership

AIFs provide investors with the opportunity to invest directly in assets such as real estate, art, and wine. This means that investors can own the assets, which can potentially provide better returns than paper assets. When investing in AIFs, investors can acquire a mortgage note, own a rental property outright, or even purchase a bottle of wine or an oil painting directly. This type of direct ownership is not possible with traditional investment funds.

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