Troubleshooting 'Command Not Found: Flutter' Error: Solutions and Tips

Troubleshooting 'Command Not Found: Flutter' Error: Solutions and Tips
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In general, flutter is the best programming language that let professional flutter developers expand the features and functionalities of native OS into codebase to be executed properly on android and iOS simultaneously.

It provides extraordinary functions due to the reusable UI components and library functions that make coding hassle free and simple. A flutter mobile app custom development best practice comes with the engine that helps users to write the single codebase for various platforms with high execution speed.

But when you write certain commands in the code and compile it, then you may receive 'Command Not Found: Flutter' Error. You must solve it immediately to run the program without any issues. To get rid of errors, then you can hire flutter developer and they let you resolve this issue easily via troubleshooting. Check out the guide further to know what caused this error and how to resolve it. 

What is the purpose of command Flutter?

At first, you must understand the uses and purpose of the command named Flutter. Without knowing such details, you could not understand the troubleshooting methods and other related aspects.If you have any doubt hire flutter developer.

The command flutter can be used in many ways, as mentioned below:

  • It can be used to run the application after installation
  • Check out the latest versions of the dependencies and update everything for enhanced performance
  • Verify whether the Flutter SDK installation is completed on the particular machine or not

To check any one of the three above mentioned conditions, you have to write and run $flutter in the command prompt. You can get the details about current runnable and application’s installation status, dependencies versions and much more when everything is correct. 

But when there is any problem with your command, then you could not find the result. Then the command prompt window will display the 'Command Not Found: Flutter' Error. To solve the error in a short time, then you can hire a flutter developer from the leading firm.

Why Command Not Found: Flutter' Error occurs?

Generally, “$” operator can be used to address the OS to search for directory where the flutter folder and file can be saved. When the give the directional shell and enter the command, then it will start searching the directory for any folder or file named flutter. 

When no location is found, then it means that there may be some problem during Flutter installation. You can hire flutter developer and resolve the error very effectively. 

How does the operating system search for Flutter commands?

When you enter the command into the shell, then it can be any token. At first, the shell will search its $PATH for the executable with the name you have entered. There are many folders that can be set up by the default. But when you prefer to make the new command available, then you can add the new directory to the $PATH variable. After that, you can instruct it to search from there too.

You can hire a flutter developer to make important decisions. Take a look at below to set the path variable on:

Working with the shell is not common under windows. You can work with the operating system’s GUI mostly instead.


  • Press Windows Key + X to open the Power User Task Menu.
  • Then choose the system option.
  • Scroll down and click about options.
  • Click Advanced System Setting options at the bottom of the Device Specifications page.
  • After choosing the advanced tab, you have to choose the Environment Variables option.
  • Click edit option after choosing path variable in System Variables section. Here the path you need the operation system to access can be changed or added in the path lines. Divide the pathways via using semicolons.

How to Solve 'Command Not Found: Flutter' Error?

  • When you have the idea about the way the OS evaluates the command flutter and when you get the error. Then it is the right time for you to resolve such issues. Check out below to find the detailed description about resolving the error. 
  • At first, you must find the directory or location where the flutter file can be saved after completing the downloading or installation. 
  • Now you have to either open or create the $HOME/.bash_profile.It can be done easily with the help of the terminal text editor. Then the bash_profile is the hidden script that lets users configure the file easily or change the default settings of the configuration.
  • You are required to add the necessary path to the location where the Flutter’s GIT repository file duplicated version can be stored. The example is PATH = ~/Documents/flutter/bin:$PATH.
  • Press the Control+X option and confirm whether to save the same by clicking the yes option.
  • You are required to run the source file$HOME/.bash_profile. It can help you to refresh the current window that can be opened on your machine. It can also effectively restart the terminal text editor window.
  • Run the echo $PATH function. It will let you know whether or not the directory location can be provided here, flutter/bin. It can be configured in the PATH shell.
  • You must remember that the directory is the location with the Flutter SDK. As SDK is the most essential file, you could never troubleshoot the command to find the issue for the same initially. 

To execute the process effectively, you can hire flutter developer immediately.


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have explored how to troubleshoot 'Command Not Found: Flutter' Error. You have also got some better solutions and tips for resolving this error. When you download Flutter SDK, either it must be saved in the directory location that OS fails to find or must be installed properly. 

Finally, you will get the error message while running the shell file in the terminal text editor or command prompt. Hence it is best to troubleshoot the error. For that, get ready to hire flutter developer and resolve the 'Command Not Found: Flutter' Error very quickly. Also from this guide, you have explored what caused this error and how to resolve it.

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