Trench-No where close to reality but still a great cinematic experience with a lot of thrills and chills

Trench-No where close to reality but still a great cinematic experience with a lot of thrills and chills
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15 September 2023

Meg 2: The Trench

Megalodon, who has been eclipsed by the great white for decades, is now getting the attention it deserves, all due the release of the 2018 film The Meg and the impending sequel Meg 2: The Trench.  In spite of popular media depictions of a gigantic, monster shark, Megalodon is predominantly recorded in the record of fossils via its teeth and a few spinal specimens, so we still don’t know how it appeared or how it lived. It follows the convention of shark attack movies by assuming that sharks are ruthless killers intent on human sacrifice.  Let’s discuss how true is this notion and Meg 2: The trench still the worth watching?

Few interesting facts

After reading following Statistics you will not deny that Hollywood is overly obsessed with shark attacks.

  • It’s estimated that just three of the 500 species of sharks are really harmful to humans.
  • However, shark attacks are uncommon, with a probability of roughly 1:10 compared to a fatal lightning strike.
  • Up to 70% of shark populations have been lost since the 1970s.
  • Five of the nine deaths in 2022 were ruled to have been “unprovoked” by the sharks. This is in line with the worldwide average of 6 unprovoked deaths each year during the last five years.

To continue, let’s talk about the Megalodon. This massive shark became famous for its role in the megalodon film The Meg, which was released in 2018, and it now appears in Meg 2 as a formidable adversary. But in actuality, these creatures were around a meter or two shorter than the mythological monster that it described, which was 23 meters.

According to some estimations, the longest known megalodon was between 15 and 18 meters in length, making it three times larger than the biggest great white shark ever documented. It is possible that it was around the same length as the largest whale sharks alive today, the longest of which has been recorded as being 18.8 meters long. The graphic that follows compares the size of a Megalodon’s tooth to that of a great white shark’s tooth, and I have to admit that the size of the Megalodon’s tooth is large enough to enable the creators of Meg 2: The Trench the creative freedom to represent it as a large of a predator as it has been shown to be in the movie.

One twist in plot that I found funny

In the forthcoming movie “Meg 2,” there will be a scene depicting a megalodon eating a Tyrannosaurus rex. This will give the film a little absurd ecosystem. It’s hilarious since sharks didn’t start evolving until over forty million years after dinosaurs that weren’t birds were extinct. This means that, sadly, a battle between these two legendary monsters would never have really taken place in the real world. However, this is a reference to the first book written by Steve Alten, which also had a scene of this surreal kind. As the trailer demonstrates, it should also make for a pretty cool absurdity in the film, which can be seen in trailer.

Good message of environmental sustainability

In the film, Jonas Taylor makes a return appearance playing the role of an eco-warrior with the objective of apprehending those responsible for dumping radioactive trash in the ocean. As soon as possible, his crew will go to the trench in order to investigate the untouched regions of the ocean. Taylor’s daughter Meiying, who is portrayed by Sophia Cai, unexpectedly becomes a member of the team, which enrages Taylor, who is very protective of her.

In contrast to the previous movie, this one has three megs, each of which is far larger than the one shown in the first movie. The megs pursue the crew as they try to flee to Fun Island, where they cause widespread destruction and claim the lives of many people. On the other hand, Fun Island had many more perils in store for them, such as venomous reptiles and a mammoth octopus. Taylor goes from being an environmental activist to becoming a self-made action hero who takes on the megs all by himself. Even if the film has certain ridiculous elements, such as changing Jonas Taylor’s position from that of an environmental activist to that of someone who can handle the Meg with ease, it has deftly integrated a message that urges people to cease dumping radioactive waste in oceans.

Great cinematography but poor dialogue delivery 

Long hours spent filming underwater are taxing on the body and the mind. Jason Statham, a former member of the British National Swimming Squad and former professional diver, has played so convincingly in underwater sequences that he has impressed both audiences and filmmakers. The shoot was divided into three acts. The first one saw the performers doing some of the actions they were supposed to execute in the movie in a swimming pool, while the second one involved them recreating underwater sequences in a studio behind a green screen. Then, at long last, underwater shooting got underway.

While the visuals and action moments are excellent, the script and pacing are not as compelling. Although Wheatley’s follow-up is scarier than the first and has better photography and special effects, it fails to live up to its name since other monsters get as much attention as the megs.


Well, similar to mine, most Meg 2: The Trench reviews are mixed. If we evaluate it on the basis of logic and realism, there are many loopholes, but as an entertainer, the film can be marked as a good thriller. The film is capable of creating an atmosphere of excitement and horror which makes it worth watching. It’s a fact that real life shark attack occurrences are very rare, and if mankind let these creatures live peacefully in their natural habitats, most of such incidents could be avoided. But I believe shark attacks are likely to be a topic of many other horror thrillers in years to come. So, instead of being so critical, you can grab your snacks this weekend and enjoy this underwater thriller with some great visual effects and surprising twists.

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