Top Reasons You Require an iPhone Data Recovery

Top Reasons You Require an iPhone Data Recovery
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16 December 2022

Apple is releasing a wide range of iPhones to bring forth extraordinary experiences for users. And due to accidental situations, you might end up losing all the data stored in your iPhone. In fact, there are several other reasons for data loss, and you will end up requiring iPhone Data Recovery.

In this article, you will learn the most common reasons you might lose your iPhone data. Keep reading until the end to learn more about it.

  • Resetting All Settings and Contents by Mistake

iOS has completely different features, so it might initially be difficult for new users. While discovering the functionalities of the new features, you might end up clicking on the “Reset All Settings” tab. This basically means that your device has undergone factory reset settings. Thus, all your stored data will be automatically removed from your iPhone.

  • Damaged or Broken iPhone

Dropping things are common accidents that we encounter almost every day. And dropping your iPhone is probably the worst nightmare that you will ever experience. If your device experiences a fatal fall or any significant accident, your iPhone will not restart. Thus, you will end up losing every piece of data from your phone, including messages, contacts, music, etc.

  • Failed iOS Update

Apple is introducing new updates to its devices almost every alternative day. And users are automatically accepting the updates to make their devices more functional. Nevertheless, inappropriate operations are likely to leave your iPhone in recovery mode. This is how the data stored on your iPhone gets removed easily, and you tend to lose it.

  • Jailbreak

Even though Jailbreak iPhone is quite risky, many users tend to use it to acquire more authority over the devices. And when you don’t use a reliable root tool, your iPhone data files might probably disappear. So, you must check whether your data files are backed up in iCloud.

  • Non-Replaced iPhone Battery

It’s true that your iPhone’s battery life tends to shorten as you use your phone for a longer time. Your device might indicate to you about getting your battery replaced at the right time to avoid any data loss. And failing to do so will deliberately pave the way for significant data loss.

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Parting Thoughts

Apart from those mentioned above, there are several other situations where you might encounter iPhone data loss. Sometimes, viruses or any significant malware attack might also erase certain data files from your iPhone. However, you can retrieve them from your iCloud, but the procedure is a little too complicated.

So the best way to retrieve all your lost iPhone data is by acquiring help from professional recovery services. The professionals of Five Star Data Recovery offer the best services in terms of data recovery.

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