Top 7 ways to keep your feet in top shape

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01 August 2023

Due to the complex human anatomy and lifestyle factors, foot problems are so common these days. According to studies, over 75% of people experience foot problems at some point in their lives. Hence, it can be said that prevention and proactive care are paramount.  


From ingrown toenails and fungal infections to diabetic foot concerns and sports injuries, human feet are susceptible to various ailments. Fortunately, podiatry offers an array of effective treatments to ensure your feet stay in top shape. Podiatrists are foot doctors that can help you keep your feet healthy. The following discussion highlights 7 ways through which a podiatrist can play a crucial role in maintaining your feet’ health and your overall well-being.


Top 7 ways to keep your feet in top shape


Footwear selection


Your choice of footwear significantly impacts your foot health. 


Ill-fitting shoes can lead to an array of problems. For instance, if you wear pointy-toes shoes, the increased pressure on your toes can cause ingrown toenails and bunions. 

Moreover, runners or athletes might need frequent sports injuries treatments if they wear ill-fitted shoes. 


The right footwear should be comfortable and supportive. There should be ample toe room. Wear shoes with proper arch support to reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis. If you are not sure about your footwear selection, it is best to consult a podiatrist. They are foot doctors with an in-depth understanding of foot structure and gait. They can recommend the best-suited footwear or orthotics for the required amount of support and comfort.

Foot hygiene


Sweat and moisture trapped between the toes invite bacterial and fungal infections. Hence proper foot hygiene is essential to make sure that you do not compromise foot health. Wash your feet daily with mild soap and water, dry your feet thoroughly, and don’t forget to dry between the toes. 


It is advised to wear moisture-wicking socks to maintain dryness and keep infections at bay. Moisture or sweat often causes foot infections. If you notice persistent issues like toenail fungus, visit a podiatrist. They provide effective solutions, such as laser toenail fungus removal, to eradicate the problem quickly. 

Toenail trimming


One of the most common, painful and bothersome conditions is ingrown toenails which affect a large percentage of adults. The problem usually occurs due to improper nail trimming.


It is advised that you trim your nails straight across and avoid cutting them too short. When nails are too short they start to curl at the edge and poke into the surrounding skin, which causes ingrown nails. 

You can learn the correct technique for nail trimming by scheduling an appointment with a podiatrist. Expert advice is particularly helpful for individuals suffering from recurring ingrown toenails. Podiatrists can suggest how to maintain toenail regrowth and they can also perform ingrown toenail surgery to provide long-lasting relief. In this surgery, the affected toenails can be removed partially or entirely to prevent future occurrences.


Moisturization of feet


Dry, cracked skin and painful fissures are common in diabetics. Nerve damage or circulation problems are the underlying reason behind various foot health conditions in diabetics.

Individuals with unmanaged blood glucose levels should apply the recommended lotions to keep the skin supple and smooth. 


Dry and cracked skin might cause cuts and blisters which often leads to diabetic foot ulcers. Visiting a podiatrist regularly ensures that you identify the moisturization needs of your feet and address any underlying condition before the symptoms get worse.


Foot specific exercises


Exercise regularly and engage in foot-specific stretches and strengthening exercises to keep your feet in top shape. Routine exercises make your feet flexible and prevent sports injuries. 


These exercises are particularly helpful for individuals who are suffering from painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Ideally, toe curls, arch lifts, and rolling a tennis ball under the foot may reduce the tension and improve foot stability. 


If you need personalized exercise recommendations based on your foot structure, then it is best to consult a foot doctor. Individuals with flat feet, high arches or various foot conditions experienced remarkable improvement by seeking podiatry care.


Prevention of foot problems


Individuals who sit at a desk all day or stand for extended periods, often deal with sleeping difficulties. Moreover, some people experience sharp stabbing pain first thing in the morning. In such conditions taking breaks is helpful. You should move around and stretch for healthy feet and blood circulation. 


Every individual dealing with foot conditions should understand the importance of even weight distribution. 

To prevent conditions of sore feet and heel pain, one can seek ergonomic advice from a podiatrist. These foot specialists can guide you about posture awareness and workplace ergonomics that help prevent foot conditions despite prolonged sitting or standing.


Regular foot examinations


Regular foot check-ups at a podiatrist’s clinic are equally important as routine dental visits. People of all age groups should visit a foot doctor for timely diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide array of foot related conditions. Potential issues like gait abnormalities in children or diabetic foot conditions in adults can be identified early through routine visits. All your minor concerns can be treated effectively if you opt for routine check-ups. For instance, seeking toenail fungus laser therapy for mild cases provides better outcomes. You will need a lesser number of laser treatment sessions. Moreover, it will take less time to have a completely healthy regrowth of toenails. On the other hand, delaying treatment results in chronic conditions that require long-term and extensive care.


Top 7 ways to keep your feet in top shape



Feet health plays a crucial role in overall well-being, thereby caring for them is essential for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Follow the tips shared above and seek the expertise of a podiatrist regularly to ensure that your feet remain strong, comfortable, and ready.  Address your specific concerns like ingrown toenails, laser toenail fungus removal, and sports injuries treatment at Orange County Foot and Ankle Group. The highly experienced podiatrists provide quality care and personalized treatment to keep your feet in top shape. 

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