Top 6 Seafood Restaurants in JB Malaysia

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Johor Bahru is home to some of the top seafood restaurants in Malaysia, at reasonable prices. Johor Bahru is located near fertile fishing grounds, ensuring a reliable supply of fresh seafood. As a result, it has become home to some of Malaysia's finest seafood dining establishments. Undoubtedly, the exceptional seafood found in Johor Bahru has become a major draw for visitors exploring the area.

Imagine tasting salted egg crab, chilli crab, succulent oysters, plump butter shrimp and steamed fish. It's a delightful culinary journey that awaits you at every seafood restaurant in Johor Bahru.

1. Fisherman Seafood Restaurant

JB's Fisherman's Seafood Restaurant is a top seafood spot in the area. Their chef has 20 years of experience at a five-star hotel in Singapore and is renowned for his cooking skills.

The restaurant uses fresh seafood, like lobsters, prawns, crabs, and various fish, directly from the ocean, not fish farms. They're experts in both traditional and modern cooking methods.

Besides their set menus, you can order customized dishes made with your favourite ingredients. Their versatile menu includes seafood pots, stir-fries, and large seafood feasts.

Fisherman's Seafood Restaurant guarantees the quality and freshness of their food. If you are not satisfied with your meal or question its freshness, they offer a full money-back guarantee.

2. Todak Seafood Restaurant

JB's Todak Seafood Restaurant is a popular local spot on Johor Strait Beach known for its exceptional seafood. Despite its casual setting with red chairs and pink tablecloths, the food is fantastic.

Since its opening in 1999, Todak Seafood Restaurant has earned a great reputation. They are experts in serving various fresh fish dishes including pompano, snapper, grouper, and threadfin. Their menu also includes tasty crabs, prawns, lobsters, and oysters. Their black pepper crab is a must-try dish.

You can look forward to a memorable dining experience full of flavorful seafood at Todak Seafood Restaurant.

3. Restaurant Tian Lai

Another famous seafood restaurant located in Gelang Patah is waiting for you. This restaurant, only a 15-minute drive from Legoland, is perfect for those planning to visit the attraction. It's a great spot for a tasty lunch or dinner.

Be sure to try their signature dishes, the tempting black pepper crab and crispy fried calamari with sambal. In addition, you can indulge in the delightful flavours of durian and other fresh fruits from the nearby stalls.

This Gelang Patah seafood restaurant provides an ideal dining experience. It is due to its close location to a well-known theme park and its delicious menu. It's great for both locals and tourists.

4. Ong Shun Seafood

Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant is a popular open-air restaurant known for its relaxed atmosphere, making it a favourite among locals. The seafood here is so fresh that even the small portions are enough for two people.

Among their recommended dishes are the mouth-watering salted egg squid (sotong) and the highly acclaimed salted egg chicken. This underscores the fact that the restaurant not only specializes in seafood but also serves equally delightful and delicious chicken dishes.

Moreover, Ong Shun provides a special dining experience by blending Chinese and Malaysian tastes. The menu is varied and features Chinese Sze Char-style food. Additionally, it includes favourite Singaporean dishes like cereal prawns, chilli crab, hotplate tofu, and lemon chicken.

5. Grand straits garden Seafood restaurants

This restaurant has a wonderful decorative style that creates a great atmosphere. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining options and the staff is known for their friendly and efficient service.

One of their famous dishes is the Sambal white clams, as well as the delicious steamed crab. For a complete meal, we recommend pairing these dishes with braised sweet corn soup, salted egg shrimp and garlic kai lan.

The menu at this restaurant is extensive, offering a wide range of choices to satisfy guests of all races and religions. Whether you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions, you will find something to satisfy from the diverse selection.

This restaurant, with 160 tables and room for 1,600 diners, is frequently selected for various events. These include corporate parties, weddings, banquets, and more.

6. Chua Kee Restaurant

Gelang Patah has a spot of note, known for its delicious malted shrimp. Tourists in the area, either visiting a theme park or travelling between Singapore and Malaysia, should visit Chua Kee Restaurant. It's a great place for a fulfilling lunch or dinner.

The restaurant has a zinc roof and metal frame, and it's open and well-ventilated, ideal for dining in warm climates. It doesn't have a specific unit number. To manage extreme heat, there are several portable air conditioners around the restaurant, providing a comfortable eating environment for customers.

The menu at this restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including chicken and pork. However, most customers visit for the tasty seafood. One highly recommended dish is their hot plate of tofu topped with seafood cooked in a tantalizing tomato sauce. This is a delicious dish you will not be able to stop eating.

These wonderful seafood restaurants represent the culinary delights that Johor Bahru has to offer. From the freshest catches to innovative dishes, each restaurant promises a unique and satisfying experience for all seafood lovers. Whether you want delicious crab, refreshing lime juice, or a lavish lobster feast, you'll find a place that pleases your palate.

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