Top 10 Coolest Car Accessories

Top 10 Coolest Car Accessories
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08 November 2023

If the pink and fluffy car freshener from Auntie Jean isn’t adding enough street cred to your ride, check out these cool accessories.

This head-up display lets you know everything about your ride—speed, battery voltage, tire pressure, and more. It even helps you find your car in a crowded parking lot.

LED Strips

Adding LED strips to the interior of your car is a popular way to customize it. Many come with a mobile app that lets you control the colors and settings, or even create patterns. Some even have a music setting that syncs them to whatever song you’re listening to.

LED strips are also a great alternative to traditional bulbs, which tend to overheat and require a lot of wiring. They’re much easier to install, too, since most of the newer ones are simple plug-and-play types that can be powered by your cigarette lighter or USB port.

The MOKITO set, for example, has four relatively short LED strips that chain together, and you can plug each one into a 12-volt power supply. Installation is a breeze, too, with the peel-away backing revealing a layer of double-sided tape. Look for the Automotive Discount Code to save on your purchase and make upgrading your car's lighting an affordable and stylish experience.

Headrest Hooks

Car gadgets are more affordable than ever, making it easy to upgrade your ride with a slew of cool features. Whether you want to keep passengers entertained on long trips, clear your trunk of clutter, or track your vehicle’s location, there’s something for every driver.

Car headrest hooks add extra storage space for handbags, backpacks, and other items. These simple accessories attach to the back of your front or rear seats and come in a variety of colors, shapes, and load capacities. Some have adjustable parts for accommodating different-sized posts, while others have an elegant design that blends into your interior. Some also work as tablet holders for easy viewing on long trips. This one from Pearl even features a built-in backup camera. The multi-tool hammer end includes pointed stainless steel piercers to break glass, and it can also be used as a seatbelt cutter in the event of an accident.

Seat Cushion

Car gadgets are so advanced these days that even modestly priced vehicles come equipped with several features that would have cost premium in years past. Whether you need shade, more storage space, or an extra cup holder, there are plenty of items available that can boost your ride's functionality.

For long hauls or road trips, a seat cushion is a great way to upgrade your ride's comfort level. This model from SleepDog uses a gel comfort material to reduce pressure on your back and promote consistent circulation for long drives.

If you're tired of losing change, pens, phones, or whatever else slips into the gap between your seat and console, check out this handy pocket. It can be clipped to the headrest and holds a wide variety of objects. It even comes with a headrest strap for added security.

App-Controlled Interior Lighting

Whether you drive a newer car or one that’s older, the addition of cool car gadgets can add modern functionality and personal flair. From easy-to-install classics like seat warmers to high-tech devices that help keep you and your passengers safe and sound, the best car accessories are the ones that improve your ride without breaking the bank.

Among the most useful gadgets for cars, a dash cam records the road ahead so that if an accident happens, you have footage to prove what happened. Another great accessory for drivers is the Exploride head-up display that projects essential trip info on a transparent windshield. It also features a mobile hotspot and a free communication backup plan during emergencies. You can control its colors, modes, and lighting with an app on your smartphone. It also has a music mode that synchronizes light effects with your song selection. Check for a DENALI Electronics Coupon to save on these practical and innovative car accessories.

Trash Bins

Crumbs, dust, and sand can all find their way into the nooks of your car's interior. Rather than awkwardly sweeping them out with your hand, try plugging in this handheld vacuum cleaner to make the job much easier.

This #1 best-seller straps to your headrest or center console for trash disposal within reach. Its lid shuts automatically and keeps odors inside until it's time to empty.

"I love the sleek look and how easy it is to clean," says one car organizer. Its plastic lid also doesn't get finger smudges. Another option: This portable rubbish bin slots tidily into the cup holders or doors of your vehicle for a tidy, hidden storage solution. It also features a second compartment for recyclables. The simple design is "perfect for my two kids," says an organized mom. It's easy to install, too.

Seatbelt Cutter

This car gadget comes with a blade that’s carefully concealed and razor sharp so you can cut through your seatbelt in case the system becomes jammed. It also comes with a window breaker to help you escape your vehicle quickly if you are trapped inside after an accident.

If you’re going on a long road trip, consider adding this head-up display to your ride. It plugs into your car’s OBD2 port and projects information like speed, GPS coordinates, fuel, tire pressure, and more onto a 5.5-inch screen that you mount on the dashboard.

This organizer fits right in your glove box and lets you store all of your important documents conveniently. It features clear pockets to hold insurance cards, registration, and other important paperwork. It also illuminates your car interior with a customizable glow to keep you organized on the go.

Tire Pressure Gauge

In the modern age, most new cars come with some pretty cool features. But if you’re driving an older vehicle, or if your car’s new-car smell wore off long ago, there are still plenty of gadgets and gizmos available to help you personalize and amp up your ride.

One of the most useful accessories you can add to any car is a tire pressure gauge. Regularly checking your tires for proper air pressure is important for safety, performance, and fuel efficiency.

There are several different types of tire pressure gauges to choose from, ranging from the pencil-like stick gauge to the more advanced digital option. Pencil gauges are the cheapest and most compact option, but they may not be as durable against accidental knocks or drops as dial gauges or digital options.

Spare One Plus

In a world of battery-hungry iPhones, Spare One Plus stands out for running on a single AA battery and offering 15 years of backup talk time. Designed as a backup phone that you can leave in the car or pack in your travel luggage, it even lets you call 911 without a SIM card.

If you live in an area with bad cell coverage, a signal booster like the weBoost Drive Reach Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster can make all the difference. The device improves your reception so you can use apps, GPS, and more.

If you lose your keys all the time, a Tile Mate key finder that clips onto your fob can save you some major stress and money. You can also use the Exploride Head-up Display to keep track of your speed, fuel, and tire pressure while driving.

Smart Wheel

The Smart Wheel is a product that appeared on Shark Tank that can be installed on the steering wheel of any car. It monitors the driver’s grip on the wheel to determine if they are distracted or drowsy and uses lights and tones to alert them that they need to focus on driving or take a break.

Another cool accessory is the Arestech 5.5-inch A8 OBD2 Windshield, which is a head-up display that projects important trip information onto a transparent screen. The device can project the speedometer, battery voltage, fuel consumption, and other vital information.

Other fun gadgets include a backseat organizer that helps keep the rear seat organized and can be used as an arts and crafts project with kids, and a portable 32A level 2 EV charger that allows you to charge your electric car on the go.


There are plenty of gadgets to make driving more comfortable, organized, and safe, but there are also fun car accessories that make road trips more enjoyable. These gadgets range from a laptop and food seat tray to a set of emergency traction tracks for snow-prone areas.

This Scosche USB charger fits into the cigarette lighter socket and is one of the best car accessories for tech lovers because it's small, lightweight, and charges your device and phone at the same time. It's also got a couple of ports to power up your tablet or laptop.

If you lose your keys often, the nearly weightless Tile Mate key finder is a great, cheap solution. It's also iOS and Android compatible. For those who drive a lot through dead zones, the weBoost Drive Reach vehicle cell phone signal booster is a must-have.


There are many cool car accessories available in the market today. These accessories not only enhance the aesthetics of your car but also provide you with added convenience and functionality. From wireless phone chargers to custom seat covers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the top 10 coolest car accessories include the HUDWAY Glass, the Automatic Pro Car Adapter, the Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor, and the KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dashcam. These accessories are sure to add some extra style and functionality to your car while making your driving experience more enjoyable.


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