Tips & Tricks for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Washing Machine Drum

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Washing Machine Drum
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The most important component of a washing machine is the ‘Drum’, if there’s any damage to it – your wash cycle will not work. This means you’ll end up with a pile of dirty laundry, and an urgent need for washing machine repair. Hence, it’s important to take care of it with regular maintenance. In this blog, we’ll look at some information about what the ‘drum’ is, and then look at some tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your washing machine drum.

Understanding the Washing Machine Drum.

A ‘drum’ is the component or part of the washing machine in which the clothes are loaded for washing. The size of the drum varies from model to model, but the common capacity is between 6 to 12 KG.

These drums are commonly made of plastic. However, higher-end and modern models have a drum made of stainless steel, which has many benefits. Additionally, different washing machine models have different drum designs, such as holes or shapes, aimed to aid the washing process.

How does a Washing Machine Drum function?

The washing machine drum does the job of rotating the clothes to thoroughly wash them. Furthermore, these drums either have an agitator – a pole-like structure that moves the clothes around by twisting and turning, or an impeller – a rotating hub at the bottom which aids in the gentler movement of the clothes with small turbulence. These two mechanisms are designed to aid the washing process by uniformly moving and rotating the clothes throughout the drum.

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Washing Machine Drum.

Avoid Over or Under-Loading.

Overloading your machine might cause the motor to break down, as the machine might not be able to handle the weight. Additionally, underloading is also harmful as the clothes might pile up in one corner and cause disbalance and damage to the rotating motor.

The ideal amount is to fill 3/4th or 80% of the machine with clothes. This will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed, and the clothes are washed properly.

Avoid Putting Any Foreign Objects in the Drum.

One of the most common ways in which a washing machine gets damaged is when it encounters a foreign object. Any object besides clothes, such as keys or chains might damage or even puncture your drum.

Besides, if you accidentally wash any currency notes or electronics, they’re likely to be permanently damaged. Make sure that you thoroughly check all the clothes and pockets to ensure that they’re empty.

Never use Regular Soap.

It’s highly crucial that you only use detergents or washing powder that are designed for use in the washing machine. Regular soap can cause damage to your clothes and clog up the washing machine drum and other parts.

Thoroughly Clean At Least Once a Month.

It’s crucial to clean your washing machine drum at least once a month to ensure it works efficiently. This regular cleaning will help rid the drum of trapped dirt, debris, and accumulated mould.

Steps to Clean Your Washing Machine Drum.

To clean your washing machine drum, gather these items – white vinegar (4 cups), baking soda (1 cup), a toothbrush, microfiber cloth and gloves.

  1. To start the cleaning process, first wear gloves to ensure protection from allergic reactions.
  2. Next, put 4 cups of vinegar in the drum, fill it with hot water and run a cycle.
  3. Once the cycle is complete, add 1 cup of baking soda, and run another cycle.
  4. Use the toothbrush to clean any hard-to-wash parts and to clean mould.
  5. After this, drain the machine and run a cycle with plain water, removing any remaining odour, and then drain.
  6. Finally, carefully wipe the drum with a microfiber cloth to finish the cleaning process.


Washing Machine Servicing to Avoid Issues.

In this blog, we tackled the topic of what a drum is, how it functions, what its capacity is and lastly, some tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your washing machine drum.

Lastly, if you detect any major problems with your washing machine drum, or you’re unable to clean it on your own, we advise you to seek the best washing machine repair service

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