Tips To Eat and Train To Get Bigger Arms

Tips To Eat and Train To Get Bigger Arms
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05 February 2023

Proper nourishment and regular workouts are key to achieving those coveted biceps and triceps. With the right diet combined with a targeted exercise plan, you can make great strides towards developing impressive arm muscles. In this article we'll take an in-depth look at how to get bigger arms via nutrition and training methods!

Protein Builds Bigger Arms:

According to Iron Man Magazine, get the most out of your workout routine by including a daily diet rich in protein. This essential nutrient will help facilitate muscle repair and growth, so aim for at least one gram per pound body weight each day. Try hearty sources like chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products - or if you're vegetarian-minded try incorporating soybeans, beans or lentils into meals instead!

Diet for Big Biceps:

Bigger arms are achievable with the right diet! Make sure to incorporate a variety of nutrient-rich foods into your routine, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Also important is avoiding processed items or junk food which can put you at risk for weight gain that could hamper your workout results.

Complex Carbs:

Get your strength back with complex carbs! Maximize your workout performance by powering up on whole grain breads, brown rice and sweet potatoes for sustained energy throughout the session. These nutrient-rich foods help replenish essential glycogen stores - so you can keep pushing yourself harder at the gym.

Eat Complex Carbs:

Power-up your body and maximize results by eating complex carbohydrates! Enjoying a meal or snack with quality carbs will help provide the energy necessary to achieve peak performance before, during, and after exercise. Make sure you take fuel up right away post-workout for optimal recovery.

Fats for Bigger Arms:

Eating healthy fats can be an effective way to increase arm size. Eating more avocados, olive oil, and nuts supports hormone production for better overall health. To maximize your gains keep processed foods like fried items off the menu - trans and saturated fats should not be a part of any muscle-building diet plan!

Stick to Healthy Fats:

Get the Benefits of Healthy Fats! Eating approximately 20-30% of your daily caloric intake as healthy fats can help boost muscle growth and support overall wellbeing. So, make sure to include these beneficial building blocks in your diet!

A Personal Trainer Can Help:

Achieving your desired results can be easier with the help of a personal trainer. They are trained professionals that utilize their expertise to create an effective exercise and nutrition plan tailored for you, as well as offering valuable support throughout the journey towards healthier living.


If you're dedicated to getting bigger arms, it's time to get serious about your nutrition and training. Proper dieting is essential – include complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats for maximum muscle growth potential. Of course avoiding processed foods helps too! If possible work with a personal trainer who will help guide you on the path towards achieving those sculpted upper muscles of your dreams.


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