Things you need to know about installing artificial grass

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So, you’ve decided to opt for fake grass installation, but you don’t know what next you want to do. If you’re ready to replace your natural lawn with fake grass which looks evergreen like a natural one, there are some things that you’ll have to assess first. Opting for artificial grass for your lawn is going to be an expensive process and therefore, you will have to make your mind before. 

There are different types of fake grasses available in the market, and their longevity is known depending on the traffic experienced by them. First of all, you’ll need a professional artificial grass installer for these steps, therefore, you need to find one. Also, the price of different artificial grass installation is different depending on the ones you buy. 

The following are some things you need to know before you get artificial grass installed. 

Remove the old sod 

Are you looking for how much to get artificial grass installed? 

Well, first you need to remove your old sod. Before you can install artificial grass, the old grass has to go away. It is not enough to trim it down as close to the ground as possible. Only this way you can install artificial grass in a much professional way. However, you need to hire a professional to dig up the ground and cut out sections of sod as well. The goal is to remove all the grass and the root system. You need to keep in mind that the older sections of grass harvested from your yard can be used somewhere else so that nothing goes to waste. 

Excavate the area 

As a professional, the removal of old grass is the first step in the excavation process. The level as to be left firm as well. This can sometimes mean digging a little deeper until the firm layer of the earth is reached. 

Create a framework 

Did you know that artificial grass installation involves a framework as well? When looking for how much to get an artificial lawn installed, you need to fill the area with aggregate. The product may contain several different elements like sand, granite, dust made after pulverizing old granite fragments, and limestone. The exact type of grade or aggregate used will depend on a lot of the soil underneath the size of the yard. 

Roll out the turf 

Now that the aggregate has smoothened out, it’s time for the turf to be placed. Most types come in by the rolls depending on the size you provided them with. During the process, the turf is stretched, just like the carpet and it is then put into position. This is the best way to be a perfect field for natural grass. 


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