The writing of the argumentative text

The writing of the argumentative text


What is argumentative text?

A text is a written or oral speech, which must have coherence when written, and argumentative is a series of reasoning that is related to the arguments, and a demonstration is made.

Main functions of the argumentative text are:

  • Arguing: which is a group of sentences that are used in the communication proces, which are known as premises that support or support another that is the conclusion that depends in some way on those.
  • Make known what you think about the topic
  • Show our opinionegb2leng,intb
  • seeks to convince the reader about the topic
  • to present and defend a thesis or a point of view
  • In itself the argumentative texts, have as main idea to incite the reader about the author's point of view.

What is the writing of the argumentative text?

An argumentative text consists of making an opinion known through justifications or reasons, something like having something to support your idea. In an argumentative text, in addition to the appellative function present in the development of the arguments, the referential function appears, in the part in which the thesis is exposed.

It could be said that they are those in which the issuer has as a priority communicative intention, that of offering his subjective vision on a certain topic.

When a writer exposes and communicates his points of view on a certain text, he is making an argument.

If a set of these two words is made, it expresses that the receiver must persuade the objective, through an author, who must convince his theme through arguments, and support his idea

An argumentative text must follow an order, where a beginning, a development and its ending must be considered, in the case of texts.

The argumentative superstructure begins with an approach to the problem, where the situation of the problem is described and an opinion about this problem must be given.

The person who assumes this must defend or attack what is exposed, in other words, they can be for or against the problem.

Parts of an argumentative text

  • The introduction: it should start with a brief statement of facts, and should get the attention of the receiver.
  • The development: it is the part where the argumentative text is exposed, and this is in charge of exposing the arguments and series of ideas that support its position.
  • The conclusion: establishes a summary of the above or the situation and the reasons for the regime.

It is worth mentioning that in the development part it can be delimited by two parts:

  • For a dialogue that is the one that supports the arguments and a monologue, when it is based solely on what is the position of a single person.

In addition, there are also different types of arguments such as:

  • In fact
  • Of authority
  • Rational
  • Sentimental

Finally, the purpose of an argumentative text, the main thing is to make your opinion known through justification and reasons.

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