The Worst Videos of All Time About Counter.wmail-service

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Counter.wmail-service  is a malicious domain that serves as the command and control (C&C) server for the VenomSoftX malware. This C&C Server acts as the central point where attackers can manage and monitor their targets. VenomSoftX is a notorious malware that goes by many names including Turla or Snake.

This virus is a JavaScript-based Remote Access Trojan with cryptocurrency-stealing capabilities.

How does it infect the system?

The virus is spread by malicious emails, compromised sites, and other social engineering techniques, such as phishing, fake software updates, or downloads.

The malicious code will usually be embedded in a JavaScript document that executes when the file is opened.

Once executed, the trojan can infect your PC and start monitoring activities, steal sensitive data like cryptocurrency wallets or banking credentials, and execute commands remotely.

The malicious code may also spread to other computers on your network or even across the Internet, by embedding it in emails and websites sent from a computer infected.

How to Remove Counter.wmail-service?

Update your antivirus software

Make sure you have the latest version of your anti-malware and antivirus programs installed on your system to detect and remove malicious files, registry keys, and other malicious components related to Counter.wmail-service Trojan.

Use an Anti-Malware to scan your computer

Use a antivirus program for a system scan to detect malicious files, registry keys and processes.

Delete detected items

After the scan, remove all malicious items identified by the anti-malware program.

Remove from browser

Reset the default settings in your browser. Resetting the browser’s settings is an effective way to remove any malicious components that are injected in the browser by Counter.wmail-service Trojan.


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