The Ultimate Guide to Best Google AdSense Alternatives

The Ultimate Guide to Best Google AdSense Alternatives
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Google AdSense is the most well-known platform for monetizing site content by placing ads on your site or blog. It assists thousands of publishers in monetizing their site traffic. But due to Google's rigid guidelines and inconvenient terms of service, many publishers look for better AdSense alternatives for publisher to earn money online

In the further section, we will briefly discuss the best Google AdSense alternatives. We will also mention the benefits of choosing these platforms. Continue reading to dive into the depth of the topic. 

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising program that enables publishers to earn money by showcasing third-party Google ads on their websites. Through AdSense, businesses pay to advertise, and site owners receive a portion of that revenue based on ad impressions or clicks. 

Reasons for choosing AdSense alternatives

Choosing AdSense alternatives may provide various benefits for site owners and content creators. Here are the reasons for selecting alternatives;

Diversified revenue streams

Depending only on AdSense for ad revenue may not be ideal, as it puts all your eggs in one utensil. By choosing alternatives, you may diversify your income sources. You can also lower the risk of significant revenue fluctuations if there are any problems with AdSense or changes in its policies. 

Lesser restrictions

AdSense has strict guidelines regarding the type of site and content it supports. This chance gets high if your site falls into a niche that AdSense disapproves of or your content is considered sensitive. To get the approval, you may need to look for alternatives for NGOs’ platforms that are more lenient in their rules. 

Targeting specific niches

While AdSense caters to a wide range of niches, few alternatives can be more specialized and focus on specific topics or industries. If your site caters to a niche audience, you can find more pertinent and targeted ads with these alternatives. 

Ad quality control

With AdSense, you have little control over the ads that show up on your site. Selecting an alternative may provide you more control over the relevancy and quality of ads displayed. It may enable you to maintain a better user experience. 

Ad format variety

Various ad networks provide different ad formats for pharmacy publisher platforms', including video ads, text ads, native ads, popunder ads, and more. By diversifying your ad formats, you may find what is suitable for your content and audience. 

Geographic coverage

Ad networks can perform differently in various countries or regions. Exploring alternatives may assist you in finding networks with superior coverage and performance in your target market. 

Improved user experience

AdSense is known for its relatively inconspicuous ads, but not all platforms prioritize user experience. By choosing alternatives, you may find networks that display ads in a way that doesn't negatively affect your site's user satisfaction and usability. 

Customer service and support

Smaller  Entertainment ad networks for publishers may provide more individualized client service in comparison to a massive platform like AdSense, where help is occasionally challenging to find.

Higher payouts

Alternatives can provide you with higher revenue than Google AdSense. As a publisher, it's a great idea to explore alternatives to find the one that best suits your website and increases your revenue potential. 

If any of these situations apply to you, there are various worthwhile alternatives to consider. Let's take a look at the best of them. 

Best AdSense alternatives

Here is the list of top AdSense alternatives;

7Search PPC

7Search PPC is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives. With this monetization network, you may increase your revenue as a publisher via various ad formats and sizes. 7Search PPC is a super-friendly platform for any publisher. It's also the most caring monetization platform, as it provides 24/7 customer support service. 

Publishers may earn a lot of money here by putting social bar ads, text ads, native ads, banner ads, video ads, and many other ad formats on blogs and sites. 

7Search PPC provides full coverage for mobile and desktop traffic globally so that publishers may earn constant revenues. One of the best things about this monetization platform is that it accepts various payment methods. It may provide you as a publisher with better convenience, flexibility, and assurance. To find out more, you may check out the site of 7Search PPC. is a direct competitor to Google AdSense. It's one of the biggest contextual ad networks in the world, and many well-known brands globally use this platform. It is the highest-paying contextual ad network. only accepts websites with high-quality material and constantly collaborates with upscale publications. If you require to make more money faster with a lower-quality blog, this platform is not going to help you.

The contextual ad network has many rules publishers should follow to be approved into the program. They also permit sites that only have premium content. You can use the following checklist to assess whether your website is appropriate or not for ads: 

  • Only sites with native English content that receive the majority of their traffic from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, are eligible for the program.
  • Website content must be updated on a regular basis with original content. 
  • Have a large number of site traffic.
  • It doesn't violate other intellectual property rights.
  • The site has a good amount of content and a user-friendly layout. 


PropellerAds is the most famous AdSense alternative. As a publisher, if you want to sell ad space on your website, this can be an ideal choice. It provides various ad placements, including sponsored links, banners, and push notifications. The PropellerAds user-friendly platform allows you to get your campaigns running faster with a simplified ad creator. With a range of targeting choices and real-time performance evaluations, you may improve your campaigns.

Additionally, PropellerAds provides AI-assisted ad optimization, which adjusts your settings automatically to give you high conversions per ad.


Adcash offers over 200 million active users and 850,000 app installs monthly. This monetization network supports nearly all ad formats, from standard display ads to more premium units such as instream video ads and popunder ads. It's easy to customize and place any ad unit, and you may see real-time reports of your ad performance through the admin panel. 


You should choose an ad network that meets your objectives and help you to increase revenues from ads. A top-notch AdSense alternative must offer additional revenue or assist you in earning more than you did with AdSense. We mentioned top-4 AdSense alternatives that may help you to fulfill your mission. Don't waste your website traffic; earn money through them by choosing alternatives. They all are the best platforms that can assist you in beating your rivals.

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