The Role of Patent Analytics in Formulating a Competitive Business Plan

The Role of Patent Analytics in Formulating a Competitive Business Plan
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03 April 2023

With a patent, the inventor is granted the exclusive right to exploit his creation and forbid others from doing the same. This century has seen a dramatic shift in both the copyright system's use and significance. When patents were first introduced, only a select group of specialists in the law field were particularly concerned.

However, with the current trends and ever-increasing rivalry in business, patents have become a crucial factor for any sector. In addition, patent analytics is a cutting-edge development that is shaking things up in this field. 

The thorough collection and evaluation of patent data can reveal rivals' inner workings by revealing their technological advances, R&D activities, and potential partners. By implementing a CI program that makes use of reported patent knowledge, the patent search software will assist form company goals and steer R&D activities.

In order to succeed in business, patience is a must.

An impressive study by economists and researchers from Duke, Carnegie Mellon, and Georgia Institute of Technology titled "R&D and the Patent Premium" found that "the patent premium for confidential inventions is important." Even without a license, businesses can expect a premium of around 60% in the health sector and 40% in technology.

The threat of new entrants to your market or of current players in your field considering a merger or acquisition of a similar company is both examples of rivalry or changing challenges. In order to lessen the impact of potential threats to your industry and economic stake, the strategic patent analysis can assist you in developing protection strategies.

To what end does patent data serve?

In order to foresee future needs in the business world, patent data analytics provides insight into the relevant technological field. This is the yardstick by which the appropriate amount of time to invest in R&D can be measured. You can get a sense of the ideas on which competitors are working by conducting patent research. Using this platform, one can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and, most significantly, their plans for beating them.

It's also a major factor in the commercialization of new technologies and inventions through license agreements. Knowing what patents exist can limit which companies and innovations can be merged or acquired. Analysis of patents provides insight into the reliability of data that could be used by scientists and creative thinkers to develop new approaches to old issues.

In terms of scholarly literature, the United States' collection of more than 2 million filed patents is unrivaled. In fact, studies have shown that only patent documents hold up to 80% of the world's technological knowledge. Mining this copyright expertise and appreciation for the know-how required to optimize one's own goods and services is a shrewd strategy.

Patent search software is still widely used by businesses because of the wealth of competing information it provides about industry rivals, shedding light on the firm's own invention and development strategies.

Both internal and external applications of patent analytics exist, with the former allowing a business to better comprehend its own patent inventory and the advantages, disadvantages, and development/licensing possibilities of various patents it holds. One common strategy is to conduct patent searches externally or to gather information about the competition. A growing number of businesses are turning to patent landscape studies to better understand their position in the industry and the worth of their patent assets.

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