The Role of Automation Tools in Streamlining 508 Compliance Testing

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What are automation tools?


Virtually every industry uses automation tools, which are software programs that reduce the need for human input. Automation tools are made to automate repeatable, routine processes at their most basic level.


The Role of Automation Tools in Streamlining 508 Compliance Testing


With the prediction that by 2025, 60% of firms will use cyber security risk as their key determinant in undertaking third-party transactions and business engagements, there are ongoing seismic developments in the digital economy with regard to Section 508 compliance testing. What does this indicate for your business’s future? It means that in order to maintain your competitiveness in the online market, you must obtain the necessary compliance certificates.


Testing Section 508 compliance is not a simple undertaking, especially if you want accessibility certification that can be trusted by organizations that want to buy your digital products and services. Most Section 508 compliance audits demand significant financial investments.


Employing a third-party accessibility auditor usually makes this achievable. Independent accessibility auditors like ADACP are aware of how time-consuming methods, such as a thorough examination of internal procedures and paperwork, are necessary for an effective accessibility audit.


Many businesses have begun integrating automation tools into their Section 508 compliance processes to reduce the strain on internal employees and the amount of time spent making sure a digital product or service is Section 508 compliant.


Why the rise in the use of automation tools in testing 508-compliance?

Reviewing compliance benchmark reports demonstrates a constant rise in the use of automation technologies for streaming Section 508 compliance testing.


For instance, according to a survey carried out by some accessibility industry experts, the percentage of businesses and organizations using automated tools to verify the 508-compliance of their digital products and services increased from 25% in 2021 to 72% in 2022.


The significant rise in popularity of automation tools among businesses and organizations in the digital space has mainly been attributed to increased awareness of automation tools.


Why businesses and organizations are embracing automated 508 testing

Businesses and organizations are increasingly embracing automated Section 508 compliance testing because of the reported host of benefits it provides businesses and organizations that choose to adopt automation tools. A good Section 508 compliance tester will deliver the following benefits to an organization’s Section 508 compliance testing:


  1. Streamlining the 508 compliance testing processes

A lot of companies have been manually entering all the data necessary to assess 508-compliance for digital products and services. The result of this has been that it puts more pressure on businesses and organizations that have many digital products and services that require Section 508 compliance certification.


Businesses and organizations in the digital sector are gradually realizing that, while a qualified Section 508 compliance auditor is required to provide a human perspective on 508 compliance testing, automation tools can help to streamline and provide support in the various areas of compliance testing, including evidence gathering and ongoing accessibility monitoring.


Automation tools are useful in circumstances where gathering numerous pieces of evidence is necessary. Because the tools are able to compile the necessary proof on their own, they can skip several steps of the compliance testing process. Additionally, the tools can upload the data where it is required, saving time that would have been required if this had to be done manually by a human.


Certain automation tools are also able to store a digital product’s or service’s accessibility information for future Section 508 compliance testing needs. This is particularly helpful when the time for the renewal of accessibility certification approaches. The automation tools ensure that you don’t have to start the compliance process from the beginning.


  1. Inspires enhanced Section 508 compliance efforts

Automation tools also assist organizations and businesses in raising their certification level for Section 508 compliance. Because the information you need to supply in a Section 508-certification process is already recorded by the tool, you can use the information that the tool stores to see how close you are to a higher level of certification anytime you wish to renew your accessibility certification. Therefore, it is considered possible to put in extra work to raise your certification level.


  1. Helps businesses and organizations achieve more with less resources

Every company strives to reduce expenses in order to increase earnings. Having a lean staff is one of the things they prioritize. Businesses can accomplish more with fewer resources by using automation solutions when staff resources are restricted. This is true for keeping Section 508 certification costs low as well.


By incorporating automation tools into your Section 508 compliance procedures, you can cut down on the time it takes a company or organization to physically evaluate a digital product or service for accessibility. Additionally, automation techniques enable businesses to complete Section 508 certification considerably more quickly, freeing up resources for other crucial objectives.


The Role of Automation Tools in Streamlining 508 Compliance Testing


Get help implementing 508 compliance automation tools

Section 508 compliance automation tools can provide you with an incredible opportunity to take major leaps in streamlining your Section 508 compliance. ADACP can help you implement Section 508 compliance automation tools so that you can more efficiently obtain and maintain your Section 508 compliance certification.


Automation solutions will continue to be one of the simplest ways to achieve Section 508 compliance certification more quickly as the standards for compliance with the law grow and more businesses and organizations pursue accessibility certification. For more information on how ADACP may assist you in adopting Section 508 compliance automation technologies, call (626) 486–2201.

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