The Process of Invisalign Treatment

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Dental problems can be much more concerning than imaginable. And getting a treatment for it can be even more concerning. But now, it has become relatively easier and more comfortable with Invisalign in Eagle Rock. Invisalign is a treatment that has restrictions with greater rewards at the end of the treatment period. And this treatment gets down to a 

straightforward process.

Why don’t we go through the Invisalign treatment process below?


  1. Get a consultation from your orthodontist

You can look forward to many other factors if you want Invisalign treatment. Invisalign treatment cannot treat all dental issues except for some specific ones. If your dental issue is something that Invisalign treatment can correct, you need to consider your willingness to wear the aligners for almost 22 hours daily. You must also consider cost comparison upfront to prevent any further issues. Getting a consultation from your orthodontist is a must to have proper details on the process.


  1. Treatment plan of your orthodontist

Your orthodontist will take details on your current state and send them to the Invisalign company when you are ready for Invisalign in Glendale CA. With these, instructions on how you want to move your teeth will be sent. As Invisalign braces are custom-made, the Invisalign technicians will input the information into their computer to generate a 3D model. Various discussions are made on this model to make it satisfying for you. When you are satisfied with the 3D model, the trays are made.


  1. Wait and wear your aligners

Your aligners take almost a month to arrive at your orthodontist's office. And you are bound to wear your aligners once you receive them from your orthodontist. After each two weeks, you will be provided with new aligners to make progress in the treatment. These new aligners will help your teeth get in position. You must always keep your aligners on except for eating, drinking, and cleaning your teeth during the treatment. Keeping them on all the time will help you progress in your treatment. 


  1. Get your smile refined

You will be done with your Invisalign in Eagle Rock when you have worn the last tray of your aligners for two weeks. And even after the treatment, you may still need some shifting to be done. You can consult your orthodontist and get through the details of the further process. But it's good news if your teeth do not need any more shifting. You will be free from wearing aligners and be rewarded with beautiful teeth to flaunt with your wide smile.  


Winding Up

Invisalign in Glendale has made it easier to plan for orthodontic treatment. Knowing the process of this treatment is a plus point for you when proceeding with the treatment. We hope all the above-listed points help you to plan for your treatment.

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