The Perfect Blend: Making Your Own Coffee Heaven at Home

The Perfect Blend: Making Your Own Coffee Heaven at Home
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According to new data, consumers in Britain have spent £2.89 billion on hot beverages in 2021 alone.

It is no surprise that we are a nation of hot drink lovers and so spending the money, whether socialising with a mocha or as a quick iced coffee pick me up, comes as no surprise to anyone.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, it is more important than ever that we consider ways of experiencing our favourite drinks without having to splash the extra cash. So what if you became your own barista and recreate your favourite coffee shop visits from the comfort of your home?

Creating space

If you’re planning to set up your own home coffee shop, making sure you have enough space is important. But you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of room to create a cosy social spot.

Deciding whether you want this to be a large or small area is completely up to personal preference. What does a coffee shop mean to you? Is it the social setting of sitting on a sofa with a latte and your friend’s latest love life updates, or is it the sound of the milk frother as you answer business calls? We all have unique experiences at the coffee shops, and bringing this into your home will look different for everyone.

If you do want to try recreating the iconic seating from Friends or at least make some space to gather around a coffee table, then you will need to focus on the seating above all else! Perhaps you have a shed which could be decked out as your own miniature coffee shop, complete with a sign dedicated to you or a loved one – just think, “Carol’s Coffee” has a ring to it!


But what is a coffee shop without the coffee and brews? Finding the right one depends on three things: sound, smell, and taste!

Investing in pieces of equipment which suit your style can truly bring the coffee shop feel to life. Think industrial pieces with all the attachments or maybe just a humble coffee press – whatever your style; we know it’ll be a good cup of coffee.

Flavour variety

And variety is key for a wider menu choice. You don’t simply want to offer one espresso shot to everyone who visits, especially with everyone having different tastes. Instead, you can learn to create different coffee recipes and include different flavours, offering an authentic experience.

Syrups play a massive part in any coffee chain franchise, so ensuring you have a good selection can help you create new flavour combinations, whether you are adding mint to your hot chocolates to make the perfect aero-inspired hot drink or mixing in vanilla syrup for a flavourful latte.


Coffee shops aren’t just great for their variety of drinks, but they are also a brilliant place to get a little snack – and who could resist a sweet treat in their own home? Whether you are a baking expert ready to create some coffee-infused cupcakes or someone who prefers to buy their pastries, keeping a cake stand with these temptations will make any family member want to visit.

And what goes better with a hot drink than a sandwich? You could even set up your own toastie-making station in one part of your kitchen to let your guests create their favourite hot combination or keep it private and enjoy it in peace for your breakfast!


Making your kitchen or home into its own coffee shop needs a touch of decoration, whether it is inspirational quotes on the walls or mug-shaped décor.

You could even make these personalised to you and try location or family-based design on your walls, decorated in deep maroons and adorned with pictures, giving you the perfect cosy coffee-shop style without sacrificing your personality.

Dining out, even for our weekly coffees, can become expensive! So, learning how to make them at home and making personal spaces resemble our favourite coffee shops could be the answer. Whether you are wanting a fully decked-out café in your garden or simply a few coffee shop-style elements in your kitchen, finding the perfect balance between drinking in and out can help you save those additional pennies.

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