The most naughty player

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03 January 2023

Cheng Beikun suddenly and naturally took his hand and said, "Let's go back first." Du Yu looked at the distance of the two people holding each other in a strange way, inexplicably a little uncomfortable.  Ordinary players suffered gunshot wounds, I am afraid it is difficult to re-enter the copy, but Du Yu's ability played a role, so that when he rubbed his eyes and sat up from the sofa,stainless steel welded pipe, only the feeling of muscle soreness was left. Looking down at himself, I don't know when I changed into a huge T-shirt and cotton shorts. Although it didn't fit well, it was better than streaking. Du Yu was relieved. He just yawned, and unexpectedly a fragrance drifted into his nose. He looked sideways and jumped off the sofa happily: "Ah!"! Pork chop rice! The golden food was steaming, and I didn't know where Cheng Beikun got it. Du Yu walked upstairs with the rice and looked into the study with a kind heart: "Thank you, don't you eat?" Cheng Beikun was sitting at his desk writing something and answered softly,304 Stainless Steel Wire, "Don't bother me." Du Yu bit a piece of pork chop and stood in the doorway chewing and chewing. Moments later, Cheng Beikun had no choice but to raise his eyebrows: "You go to buy something you need from 423 Fire Street, and don't hang around here." "Ow." Du Yu said as he ate, "What about the sudden coldness?" There are eight long streets here, each named after one of the gossip, full of all kinds of strange shops. Du Yu arrived at the designated place according to Cheng Beikun's orders and found that it was a small shop without a sign, which was empty, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, except for a big white rabbit NPC dozing in front of the cash register. Du Yu couldn't help pulling the rabbit's ears: "Hey!" The rabbit was frightened to wake up and blinked his red eyes: "Dear players, welcome your presence."  In this way, Du Yu, who was very easy to sell, spent all his money until he was dumbfounded when he checked out. The rabbit helped him put everything into a space bag and asked excitedly, "Do you really not want to think about the little strawberry loli?" Du Yu:.. I only have five coins left. The rabbit quickly took out a cat's ear hairpin and said, "This only costs 5 coins!"! Wear it to boost your hearing by 10%! Du Yu readily accepted: "That's all right." What did Tianxuan buy this day? On the way home, Du Yu was a little perturbed, and he had already imagined the face of Big Brother Cheng's dislike. He sighed in place,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and as soon as he took a step, he saw a familiar figure turning into the dark alley in front of him. He couldn't help running after him and shouting, "Hello!" 。

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