The Importance of Plant Growth Regulators.

The Importance of Plant Growth Regulators.
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We’re all aware of the basic needs of plants such as sunlight and water. But did you know that they also require certain substances to specifically regulate their growth? These chemical substances are called Plant Growth Regulators (PGR). In this blog, we’ll look at what these are and how they can be supplemented for better plant health.

What are Plant Growth Regulators?

Also known as Phytohormones, these are substances that aid and regulate all the growth functions in plants. They’re naturally produced in plants but can also be synthesized in labs.

There are two types of Regulators –

Plant Growth Promoters

These are hormones that aid growth in plants. Auxins and Cytokinins are two such hormones.

Plant Growth Inhibitors

Contrary to the promoters, these hormones work to suppress growth in plants. These include Ethylene and Abscisic acid.

Benefits of Using Regulators.

As mentioned, these substances can be used to either promote or suppress growth in plants. The voluntary changes these can bring about are greatly beneficial for better plant health. Let’s look at what they can do for your plants-

  • Aid the growth and formation of stems, leaves, and flowers.
  • Can help in removing excess fruit.
  • Provides better seed dormancy.
  • Can help in elongation and differentiation of plant cells.
  • Allows a faster ripening process for fruits.

These were just some of the things that these regulators can help with. There are many more specific benefits that they can bring to plants, however, these depend on the products. Additionally, different plants have different absorption rates and responses to these products, so it’s crucial to identify the right one.



Supplement your Plants with PGR today!

With all the key benefits that they bring, supplementing Plant Growth Regulators is essential for garden plants and farm crops alike. If you’re wondering where you can buy these, then you can check out a wide range of effective products at Kisan4U.










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