The essentials of ground support equipment

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Important pre-trip planning difficulties include aircraft Ground Support Equipment and supply considerations for destination airports. This crucial step should always be taken, especially when flying to smaller or less-frequented airports inside the country.

Ground Support Equipment: What Is It?

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) includes all machines and tools necessary to maintain an aeroplane. GSE, or ground support equipment, aids in an aircraft's functioning when parked. Once an aeroplane has landed, GSE typically helps with everything from moving the plane to providing electricity to passengers and transporting their luggage. Because GSE offers such a comprehensive range of services, it assists an aircraft from when it touches down to when it takes off again.

Every use of GSE must prioritise security, quickness, and precision. To guarantee that their aviation equipment is safe and effective to use at all times, even during peak periods, GSE manufacturers must adhere to stringent design and materials criteria. GSE is a broad term that covers everything from gangways and service stairs to fuellers and baggage loaders. Wheel chocks, cargo dollies, and tail tripods are examples of non-powered GSEs, while belt loaders, pushback tugs, and ground power units are all examples of powered GSEs.

The essentials of ground support equipment

Why Is GSE Important?

GSE can assist with a wide variety of cabin service and Ground Service Equipment duties that are critical to the well-being of passengers, crew, and the operation of the aircraft. While GSE is typically required for a task to be done, the quality of the equipment you have available also plays a major role in guaranteeing the security and efficiency of all operations. It is possible to ensure the following with the appropriate GSE:

  • More effective procedures

Many factors might determine whether or not your GSE helps or damages operations, from maintenance stands that are difficult to place to a belt loader that doesn't move at the correct speed. Improving the effectiveness of GSE contributes to the productivity of crews and maintenance teams, leading to fewer disruptions and higher profits.

  • Better security

Crews, maintenance teams, and passengers can only operate and travel with safe, high-quality equipment. GSE can be used to install fall protection for workers at heights and build trustworthy support systems to reduce the likelihood of harm or occupational safety breaches and their associated repercussions.

Equipment Used for Earth Retention

General Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) often does not aid in piloting an aircraft. Instead, it's typically used in the cabin to help keep everyone secure and cosy. Magazines, tissues, blankets, pillows, and soap are just some of the consumables that can be replenished as part of the cabin service, along with cleaning the cabin itself. Airport GSE assists with cabin services, aircraft refuelling, inspections, engine and fuselage repair, cargo unloading and loading, waste tank drainage, potable water replenishment, and catering.


Destinations that only get a few GA aircraft usually have less support equipment and services and need more time for planning. When planning your budget, remember that you may need to bring costly Ground Support Equipment, depending on your final location.You can trust Wilcox GSE in Canada and USA to provide you with the aviation ground support equipment you need, such as airport baggage carts, tire carts, propeller maintenance stands, oxygen bottle carts, aviation toolboxes, and custom airport ground support vehicles fabricated from aluminium and steel by certified welders and installers.

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