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17 January


If you're looking for a distraction from the freezing weather and a disappointing Husky football game, "The Beekeeper" might just be the perfect choice. In this film, Jason Statham portrays not only a beekeeper in the literal sense but also a retired operative who goes by the same name. Statham's character is all about taking matters into his own hands and effortlessly defeating hordes of villains, all while emphasizing the importance of "protecting the hive." Or at least, that's the general idea.

The more you attempt to elucidate this film, the more unfavorable it will sound. You simply need to acknowledge the essence of this movie, which is an unrelentingly foolish and ludicrous imitation of "John Wick," showing such disregard for the anticipated plot points that this genre demands, that it essentially rushes through them with the same level of hyperactivity as your younger sibling playing Fortnite. Stream latest hollywood film online only On Afdah without purchasing any subscription plan.

Rashad's unfortunate demise occurs within the next two minutes of the film as she falls victim to a deceitful call-center scheme. A highly energetic individual, involved in cryptocurrency, cunningly drains her entire life savings. This heartless act is accompanied by a delivery that is both detestable and comical, reminiscent of Leonardo DiCaprio's captivating speech in "Wolf of Wall Street" and Elon Musk's recent interviews. 

Overwhelmed by despair, the poor lady tragically takes her own life. This tragic event propels Statham into a relentless pursuit of vengeance, leading him to dismantle the entire hierarchy of these scammers. The extent of this conspiracy is truly absurd, and I cannot reveal any further details without spoiling the film's surprises.

There isn't much else I can add here. The film alternates between over-the-top action sequences, with Statham effortlessly defeating countless enemies, and slower moments filled with unnecessary explanations and character reactions to Statham's chaotic behavior. It's strange that the writers didn't realize that "John Wick" didn't have or require several scenes where the FBI investigates the protagonist's past, and I'm unsure why they thought "The Beekeeper" needed them.

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