Tennis workout plan workouts for tennis players

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Bend your knees slightly and swing the kettlebell back between your legs, then quickly swing the kettlebell forward up to eye level while keeping your core tight. It’s important that you hinge at the hips to create the right amount of force in the swing without overworking your arms. With your feet hip-width apart, grasp a barbell with an overhand grip outside your knees. Keeping your chest out and back straight, pull the bar off the floor by extending your hips. Hold a medicine ball firmly in each hand, and stand with your side several feet away from a wall. Rotate your shoulders away from the wall, winding up in preparation for the throw.

You can incorporate a range of exercises into a small amount of time in order to focus on a tennis fitness particular goal, like agility, or to work toward many fitness goals in one routine. Compared to other workouts, hiit isn’t as effective for reducing obesity or building muscle mass (though it makes a great addition to your routine if those are your goals). It’s most effective as a metabolic training tool to improve overall fitness and conditioning, which will make it easier to maneuver around the court.

The weights should not be too heavy and the rest periods sufficient. In this phase, you build on the strength developed in phase 1 with training that will increase your ability to move a load at high velocity. It's especially important to protect the vulnerable shoulder  joint when you're training for sports where the shoulder gets a lot of specific "Out of gym" work (in this case, on the tennis court). Strength will be the foundation for the next phase, which is power development. Power is the ability to move the heaviest loads in the shortest time.

If you only listen to a certain podcast or watch a favorite show while training, you’ll need to get back on the proverbial treadmill in order to find out what happens next. Get more out of each workout (and in less time) by tailoring your routine to the way you play. With the right approach, you can maximize fitness without spending every spare hour in the gym or on the court. Having a structured workout with a trained professional will ensure you maximise your time and get the best results possible. There are a variety of different cardio classes you can get involved in, including aerobic classes, spin classes and boot camps.

It is a great tennis fitness workout for home or at the court. A lot of people do not like to work out in gyms, we get this. Although gyms offer a greater range of equipment, the truth is you can still get a great tennis workout exercising anywhere. The exercises in this program are specific for tennis and are a great way to increase your strength, core, balance, foot speed, and power.

You shouldn't be stepping on the court without a match plan in mind, neither should you do tennis strength and conditioning training without a plan. When it comes to tennis fitness training, the best strategy is a balanced one. Getting balance into your tennis fitness plan will improve your performance, help keep you injury-free and give you the variety you need to stay motivated and fresh. In terms of working on your tennis fitness it is  important to set realistic goals.

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