Technology History: The Cost of Technological Advances

Technology History: The Cost of Technological Advances
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10 October 2022

One could come out as illiterate if one choose to ridicule technology in the modern world when practically everything is handy and convenient because of
technical innovation. The production of items that humanity would have never imagined has been made possible by technological advancement.
However, despite the advancements made possible by technology for humanity, there are certain costs associated with this development (Abramovitz, 2009). On the one hand, technology has made life easier by raising its quality of it, but on

the other, it has driven up the expense of living dramatically. This essay will examine a few of the expenses brought on by technological advancement.

The price of scientific progress
The loss of numerous jobs as a result of technological innovation is one way it has burdened society and families in particular. The development of robots that take on human characteristics has become possible because to technological advancement. These robots are capable of carrying out most jobs that formerly needed humans.
Eventually, robots will replace many human workers (Abramovitz, 2009). For instance, the majority of packaging businesses use robots to increase production. The decision has aided businesses in boosting their output and skill levels. It has, however, come at a price because many people have lost their employment as a result.
The expense of life has increased as a result of technological advancement. Nowadays, nearly every home has a cell phone. The family must thus pay more funds to add credit to the cell phone (Al-Bataineh & Brooks, 2003). The contemporary thirst for digital migration has developed as a result of technical improvement. People used to have access to free television stations.
Owning a television is currently considered a luxury owing to the rising expense of maintenance. It's true that advancements in technology have raised television quality. The price of viewing television has, however, increased significantly as a result of it. The only way to get television signals in the past was to erect an antenna and go as far as Baltimore to Philadelphia.
Nowadays, a high-definition television set is required, and they are quite costly (Al-Bataineh & Brooks, 2003). Even more, in order to receive transmissions, one must pay for satellite or cable service. All of these have caused the cost of owning a television to rise, which was not a problem before the development of technology.
The development of technology has improved productivity in the transportation sector. It has influenced the creation of complex vehicles, railways, ships, and airplanes.
Due to their increased speed, these cars and trains have reduced the amount of time required to commute between locations.
However, the number of accidents associated with these forms of travel has grown dramatically (Al-Bataineh & Brooks, 2003). (Al-Bataineh & Brooks, 2003). We hear about car accidents every day, not to mention the many airline crashes that occur these days (Al-Bataineh & Brooks, 2003).
Technology progress is partly to blame for the current surge in international hostility. The majority of wealthy nations are working nonstop to increase their military might. Wars between nations have become unending due to modern
technologies (Bozeman, 2000). Consider the confrontation between Israel and Iran as an example.
Israel fears that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, which would endanger Israel's survival. As a result, Israel and Iran are always at odds. It is common knowledge that certain nations possess and are creating weapons of mass devastation (Bozeman, 2000). If such nations are not subdued, they may end up holding the entire globe hostage.
Technology in the current day poses a danger to the social and moral fabric. In the past, some material and television shows were off-limits to kids because they would undermine their moral ideals. It was up to parents to control what their kids read or saw. Modern technology makes it challenging for parents to regulate what their children read or watch (Meredith, 2006).
Technology advancement has made a huge variety of unorthodox programs available to kids. 

In fact, a lot of kids start having sex at a young age without their parent's knowledge.
Since technology has made it possible for individuals to connect online, many kids have been persuaded to join radical or criminal organizations by being offered large sums of money (Meredith, 2006). Because they visited acquaintances they met online or were drawn into radical organizations through social media, parents have mysteriously lost their kids.
Another cost of technological growth is increased loneliness (Teece, 1992). People no longer have time to connect and communicate with one another as everyone tries to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies. They seclude themselves in their rooms instead. Others avoid their classmates by playing internet games during their leisure time (Teece, 1992).

Cyber attacks
How do online assaults impact business?
Businesses that suffer a cyberattack also pay extra since their operations are disrupted and their business practices are changed. The largest damages resulting from harm to one's reputation. Businesses that have lost control of their customers' data have spent millions of dollars on settlements.
Support for IT is crucial for your company. The majority believe that internal IT is handy, although their knowledge might be fairly restricted. The benefits of outsourced IT support and services are numerous.

-high level of IT proficiency You want every business venture to be successful.

-on to achieve success.

-decreased expenditures for IT.

-maintains resources' focus.

-increased productivity

-reduced risk

There are many advantages for humanity from technological development. It also has a lot of drawbacks, though. The overuse of technology stifles social innovation. In addition, the development of technology has made many individuals jobless. Technology contributes to the current state of tension and antagonism between nations, as well as the rise of technologically connected fatalities.

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