Tactics for optimizing content

Tactics for optimizing content
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Optimizing content may sound like child’s play but it isn’t. It comprises different ways digital marketing professionals can optimize the content already present on the website and what will be added in the future too.

A few things need to be kept in mind. Instead of being an extra large checklist of instructions that are hard to follow, the tactics to be learned and understood here are those that are easy to implement in the existing content of any website. It also covers the implementation of processes that are easy to understand and help with other elements of search engine optimization (SEO).

Let us now look at these tactics to ensure the content that has been made with time and effort can actually be discovered online.

Begin with proper keyword research

Keyword research should always be the initial step in content creation and optimization. When conducting the research, content creators are with their target audience (because they make content after understanding the audience’s needs/wants). They also see what they search for online, to find relevant content.

What the marketers think the target audience searches in comparison to what the audience searches for; two are basically two different things. Hence, content marketers and SEO executives must determine what keywords are relevant and best for targeting.

Google’s Search Console and Keyword Planner are worthwhile free tools that have proven to be quite useful. By looking at the suggestions provided at the end of the results page, content and SEO marketers will surely find helpful information.

Targeting relevant keywords is much better

When doing keyword research, no one should ever just target phrases or words with the highest search volume. The old days are gone now. Content and SEO marketers need to always use relevant keywords for the specific topic. The reason is that searches with high volume are usually quite vague. It makes it hard to find out what users are looking for online.

For instance, if someone searches for coffee in Google, it is not possible to tell if they want to purchase a cup of coffee, a jar of coffee, or a packet, look for coffee shops, general information on coffee, roasting tips, and vice versa.

While searches using relevant keyword phrases like best organic coffee to buy online, how to use a coffee frother, roasting tips, coffee bean vendor, best sustainable coffee brand, and vice versa, may have a lower search volume; this helps in easy identification of the search intent of users.

They can then write their content targeting the phrase. This helps satisfy the intent. Additionally, they can be vague and these words/phrases are also hard to rank for. They are quite competitive. Yes, relevant phrases and keywords are hard to rank for.

Writing about topics the content marketer has expertise in

Google makes good use of E-A-T, which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. This gives pages and websites the privilege if they are able to demonstrate effectively terms of those factors in their search engine rankings.

While it is obvious that content marketers must write about topics they are experts in, they should also be able to communicate in clear terms what makes their website a trustworthy authority in that area of expertise/topic.

When they can display their expertise on the subject within the content present on the website, it helps promote this trustworthiness in an effective manner.

Linking to other pages on the website within the content via internal linking

Internal linking describes the process of including the links to other pages of the website within the content present in blog posts or other pages of the website. Again, relevancy is key here because if the company has a blog post showcasing its particular services (say window washing) then the blog must have an internal link to that page.

The home pages and other relevant pages can also be linked via internal links. These internal links are helpful. They give readers an incentive to stay on the website and help search engines understand the website’s architecture. 

Moreover, internal linking to other key information on the website demonstrates the site’s authority over Google.


Professionals from a well-known SEO company in Dubai indicate that it is not hard to optimize content. The tips are easy and the main theme is context, not mere statistics. Content needs to be of value and should help users find what they need.


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