Summit Your Ride: The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Bike Parts in Edmonton

Summit Your Ride: The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Bike Parts in Edmonton
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Welcome to EBike Edmonton, your premier destination for all things electric bicycles and accessories in Edmonton, AB. Whether you're a casual rider or an avid mountain biker, having the right parts and components is crucial for an optimal riding experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through an extensive range of mountain bike parts in edmonton available at our store. From top-notch brands to essential components, we've got you covered.

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Electric Bike Brands:

At EBike Edmonton, we proudly offer a diverse selection of electric bike brands, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your riding style and preferences. Here are some of the top brands we carry:

  1. AVENTON: AVENTON bikes are known for their sleek designs and powerful performance, making them a popular choice among riders of all levels.

  2. BAKCOU: BAKCOU specializes in producing high-quality electric bikes built specifically for off-road adventures and rugged terrains.

  3. ENVO: ENVO bikes are designed with versatility in mind, offering exceptional performance for both city commuting and trail riding.

  4. FUELL: FUELL bikes combine cutting-edge technology with elegant design, delivering a smooth and exhilarating ride on any terrain.

  5. QUIETKAT: QUIETKAT is synonymous with durability and reliability, producing robust electric bikes suitable for hunting, fishing, and outdoor exploration.

  6. RAMBO: RAMBO bikes are built to handle the toughest off-road conditions, providing the ultimate experience for adrenaline-seeking riders.

  7. ELEMENT: ELEMENT bikes focus on sustainability and eco-friendly transportation, featuring innovative designs and efficient electric systems.

  8. SILVERBACK: SILVERBACK bikes offer a wide range of options for riders seeking comfort, performance, and style in their electric bikes.

Mountain Bike Parts and Accessories:

To enhance your mountain biking experience, we offer an extensive range of parts and accessories that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Here are some essential components available at EBike Edmonton:

  1. Batteries & Heated Battery Jackets: Upgrade your bike's power with high-performance batteries and keep them protected with heated jackets for cold weather riding.

  2. Conversion Kits: Transform your regular bike into an electric bike with our conversion kits, providing you with the flexibility to choose your preferred bike frame.

  3. Chargers: Keep your batteries charged and ready for your next adventure with reliable and efficient chargers designed for electric bikes.

  4. Brakes: Ensure optimal stopping power and control with high-quality brake systems, including disc brakes and brake pads.

  5. Grips: Enhance your grip and comfort on the handlebars with ergonomic and durable grip options available in various styles and materials.

  6. Chains: Upgrade your bike's drivetrain with durable and efficient chains for smooth shifting and improved performance.

  7. Forks: Experience better suspension and control over rough terrains with high-quality forks designed to absorb shocks and bumps.

  8. Handlebars: Find the perfect handlebar style and size to suit your riding preferences, whether you prefer a more upright position or an aggressive stance.

  9. Kickstands: Conveniently park your bike anywhere with sturdy and adjustable kickstands that provide stability and support.

  10. Lubes & Cleaners: Keep your bike in top condition with specialized lubricants and cleaners designed to prolong the lifespan of your components.

  11. Pedals: Choose from a variety of pedals, including flat pedals and clipless pedals, to optimize your pedaling efficiency and control.

  12. Rims: Upgrade your wheels with durable and lightweight rims that offer improved performance and handling on challenging terrains.

  13. Seat Posts: Find the perfect seat post that provides comfort and adjustability for long rides and different riding positions.

  14. Stems & Risers: Customize your bike's cockpit with stems and risers that offer adjustable height and reach for a personalized fit.

  15. Tires: Discover a wide selection of mountain bike tires suitable for different trail conditions, including tubeless options for enhanced performance.

  16. Tubes: Carry spare tubes for quick and easy repairs during your rides, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected punctures.


EBike Edmonton is your one-stop shop for all your electric bicycle needs in Edmonton, AB. With a wide range of electric bike brands, quality mountain bike parts, and accessories, we are committed to providing you with the best products to elevate your riding experience. Visit our store or explore our website ( to find the perfect components and gear for your next mountain biking adventure. Remember, when it comes to electric bicycles and accessories, EBike Edmonton has you covered.

Address: 9927-76 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T6E1K8

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