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The District of Columbia has decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, and residents are now able to possess up to two ounces of the Weed in DC for personal use. The city has also legalized cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical purposes, and there are several dispensaries selling medical marijuana products. However, it is still legal to smoke marijuana in public in DC, and possession of larger amounts of the drug can still lead to criminal charges. So what do you need to know if you want to enjoy weed in the nation’s capital?

Here are a few tips:

Be aware of the laws: Decriminalization doesn’t mean that weed is legal in DC. Public consumption is still prohibited, and possession of more than two ounces can lead to criminal charges.-Get your weed from a dispensary: There are several dispensaries selling medical marijuana products around DC. Make sure to buy your weed from one of these licensed stores.-

Be Cautious When Smoking in Public:

Even though it’s legal to possess small amounts of weed, smoking it in public can still lead to problems with the law. If you do smoke in public, be discreet about it and don’t make a scene.-Enjoy your weed responsibly: Remember that marijuana can impair your ability to drive, so don’t get behind the wheel after smoking. And be considerate of your neighbors when consuming weed at home – keep the noise down and don

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