Solar power: New traits in 2024? AYKA Solar

usage of solar in several sectors and gadgets

Due to the advancement in solar energy technology, the solar industry has benefitted us more! 

  • Consider the LED streetlights which are solar-powered. They have added more to sustainability and less to expense and more to savings. They have cut down electricity bills while providing green energy. That too to fulfil the same purpose that cost us the health of our environment with carbon emissions. 
  • The solar vehicle project spiked the interest of so many people. It is also 13 times more efficient than gas-powered cars. A great invention but still, we don’t see many using it. 
  • Solar panels in the satellites have changed our vision of space and technology. I believe it opened many arenas to pose multiple questions and possibilities. 
    • Also, the use of solar EV chargers will become more prominent in the coming years.

    Well, I think we limit our knowledge of how well the solar industry has grown since the invention of the first solar cell around the 1950s. Keeping track of the recent advancements, the use of photovoltaic panels will hugely contribute to the total energy consumption shortly. 

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