Soft, Smooth and Sensual: High-Quality Fake Boobs for Crossdressers

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23 November 2023

As you explore your feminine side, you want to look and feel your best. High-quality breast forms are essential for creating a natural, feminine figure and boosting your confidence as you express your true self. When you visit, you’ll find a wide selection of silicone breast forms in sizes and skin tones to complement your body. The medical-grade silicone gel filler provides a soft, smooth, and sensual feel that moves naturally with your body. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or simply embracing your feminine spirit in private, these breast forms provide a realistic look and feel to complete your transformation. Crossdressme aims to provide high-quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience as you explore this side of yourself.

Soft, Smooth and Sensual: High-Quality Fake Boobs for Crossdressers

Silicone Breast Forms for Crossdressers: Soft, Smooth, and Sensual

Our high-quality silicone breast forms are designed to provide crossdressers with a sensual experience. The silicone gel filler gives the breast forms a very realistic look and feel. Available in a range of skin tones and cup sizes from A to G, you can find the perfect match for your body type and complexion.

The medical-grade silicone forms have a soft, smooth texture that mimics the natural suppleness of breasts. Since the breast forms are made of pliable yet durable silicone, they contour to your chest for a seamless appearance under clothing. The silicone holds its shape well but still has a slight bounce and sway, just like real breasts.

For the most natural look, we recommend wearing a bra or corset with the breast forms. Our crossdressing lingerie is designed to properly support the weight and shape of the silicone forms. When worn with a bra, the breast forms take on a very feminine and realistic silhouette that helps complete your transformation.

The high-quality silicone and construction mean our breast forms can last years with proper care and cleaning. However, as with any silicone product, the breast forms can tear or puncture if mishandled or exposed to sharp objects. We recommend gently hand-washing the breast forms with a mild cleanser and allowing them to air dry completely before storing.

With a wide range of sizes, skin tones, and a realistic look and feel, our silicone breast forms are the premier choice for crossdressers seeking a sensual and feminine shape. Experience the excitement of feminine curves that move, bounce, and sway like real breasts. Our breast forms are your secret to becoming a sensual woman.

High-Quality Fake Boobs in C Cup for Crossdressing Fun

For crossdressers seeking an authentic female silhouette, high- quality breast forms are essential. Crossdress Me offers medical- grade silicone breast forms that provide a natural shape and weight for the ultimate feminine figure.

The silicone gel filler gives the breast a soft, squishy feel that imitates real breast tissue. They have a natural droop and sway with movement for a realistic effect under clothing.

• Available in cup sizes A through DD and band sizes 32 to 44, you can find the perfect size to complement your body. The C- cup breast forms are a popular choice for crossdressers, providing a nicely rounded shape that fills out tops and dresses without appearing exaggerated.

• The breast forms come in four skin tone shades from pale to tanned to closely match your natural skin color for seamless wear. The medical silicone has a matte finish that prevents the breast forms from sticking out under thin or clingy fabrics.

For the best fit, you’ll want to measure around your chest at the fullest part to determine your band size, then choose a cup size that provides your desired amount of enhancement. The breast forms attach directly to your chest using special adhesive or can be worn in a pocket bra for added security.

  • Properly cared for, high-quality silicone breast forms can last up to five years. Gently wash them with mild soap and water, then air dry away from direct heat which can damage the silicone. When not in use, store your breast forms in a dry, well- ventilated area.
Soft, Smooth and Sensual: High-Quality Fake Boobs for Crossdressers

With Crossdress Me’s sensual and realistic silicone breast forms, you’ll achieve a feminine figure to complete your crossdressing experience. Experience the thrill of how others perceive and interact with your female persona. Our high-quality products provide a smooth and sexy shape for crossdressing fun and fantasy fulfillment.


You now have all the information you need to purchase a pair of high-quality fake boobs that will transform your crossdressing experience. With silicone breast forms made of medical-grade materials that are soft, natural-looking and available in a range of sizes and skin tones, you’ll achieve an ultra-feminine shape that helps you embody your feminine identity. Place your order today to receive a discreet package right to your door and experience the sensual pleasure of how these breast forms drape, move and feel against your body. Your secret is safe with us as we strive to provide you a judgment-free space to explore and express who you are. Take the plunge and gift yourself the beautiful breasts you deserve.

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