Smart Homes, Solar Panels, and the Internet of Things

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Today, we talk about the Internet of things, and home automation in Kelowna a lot. Where does solar power fit into this picture? Does a panel solar installation in Kelowna make your home smarter?

To answer your questions and concerns, we have created this basic overview of how new smart home solutions will play an increasing role in boosting residential energy efficiency, comfort, and connected living.

Most residents in Kelowna are already familiar with the concept of solar energy and the benefit it brings to homeowners. For instance, installing a solar panel would mean reduced energy bills, less dependency on non-renewable energy resources, and an unobstructed supply of energy all the time. Besides, panel solar installation in Kelowna also helps in home automation and IoT. Let us see here.

Definition of a smart home

A smart home features internal systems that enable the control of appliances remotely and automatically with the help of the internet and a smart device such as a tablet or a phone.

Building a smart home is all about connectivity. Even if you are not present physically, you can still control your home. Modern smart homes not only keep you connected but also think on their own. They can make smart decisions, for example, a feature like a light switches on in the passage when a person passes by. Smart homes are so built that they can anticipate scenarios with a high degree of accuracy, but you can still control your home the way you want it to.

The time is now to leverage the power of connectivity, a smart home’s potential in enhancing our lives and passing more control into our hands, including the area of energy efficiency.

What role does solar power play here?

With the advent of smart inverters, energy monitors, and new-generation battery storage, modern solar panels have joined hands with the Internet of Things and such solar energy panels have become an important piece of the puzzle to boost energy efficiency in an automated, smart home.

Let us discuss more with the help of an example – you want to run your dishwasher during the day, and the electricity is very expensive. With an automated home system, you can instruct your dishwasher to only run when the weather is favorable and it can use energy from solar electricity generation.

Thus, such advanced solutions help you monitor the performance of your home solar power system and the connected devices right from your smart devices.

In the end, we would like to say the future of solar panels along with smart home automation looks very promising. All of these technologies are working hard to create a self-sufficient household in the future.

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