Simple Fast Funnels reviews

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Simple Fast Funnels reviews

There are not many reviews on Simple Fast Funnels as it is a relatively new marketing tool in the industry compared to other software. It is very interesting that Simple Fast Funnels is quickly gaining ground as one of the best and cheapest sales funnel software and CRM tools. Calling Simple Fast Funnels a sales funnel software is perhaps an understatement because it does more than that. It has many other features that cover various marketing needs, from email marketing toSMS marketing to CRM.

Simple Fast Funnels is an all-in-one marketing solution tool that includes various marketing tools in its dashboard. In simpler terms, Simple Fast Funnels has a CRM, funnel builder, email marketing automation, SMS automation, booking and appointment system, membership sites (for course creators), and much more. Therefore, it can serve as a replacement for most marketing tools you already use in your company or agency. It could serve as a replacement for Hubspot, ActiveCampaign,ClickFunnels, Kajabi, etc. Sounds interesting, right?

Therefore, there is no need to subscribe to different software or log into multiple dashboards to effectively manage your marketing campaigns. Opening different software panels in your browser to perform your task is no longer fun. So why not bring everything under one roof? That is the goal of Simple Fast Funnels. Simple Fast Funnels is the answer to the needs of most marketers.The high cost of marketing automation software has left many agencies and companies having to complete some tasks manually. But with Simple Fast Funnels, our goal is to help businesses that can’t afford to use multiple software by bringing them together under one name. As an all-in-one marketing solution, Simple Fast Funnels is packed with features. It does several things.

In addition to its various features, many of its users also use it as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool and a sales funnel builder. These two features make Simple Fast Funnels the perfect choice for agencies and business owners who create a lot of funnels and landing pages. However, here is a highlight of what Simple Fast Funnels software can do:Create sales funnels that convert with the Simple Fast Funnels Builder. Simple Fast Funnels allows you to quickly create customer funnels.

You can create a website with Simple Fast Funnels and also connect a custom domain with it. Therefore, it can also serve as a website builder. Interestingly, it also converts well.Create landing pages for the offers you promote.has a CRM that helps you manage and maintain your customer relationships without losing control of projects.For better time and project management, you can set up calendars and book appointments. This allows you as an agency owner to track calls effectively.

You can create and sell online courses or membership programs using the membership site features.Withautomation software, you can create effective email marketing campaigns.You can also create an effective SMS marketing campaign that will help you reach your potential customers faster and easier.And the list goes on.

Let’s dive into the features of Simple Fast Funnels. Here are the top five features of Simple Fast Funnels:
Simple Fast Funnels CRM and Pipeline ManagementSimple Fast Funnels CRM is the most popular feature the platform is known for. And it is one of the features that sets Simple Fast Funnels apart from the rest. Most sales funnel builders or email marketing software do not have customer relationship management software. Simple Fast Funnels itself does not have a feature called CRM in its dashboard but has unique tools to help you manage and nurture your customers, which is the ultimate goal.The fascinating thing is that Simple Fast Funnels is at the forefront with its CRM tool. Simple Fast Funnels CRM allows you to manage leads and track your leads and conversions.

Simple Fast Funnels syncs with other apps you already use to make it easy to track the status of leads as they go through the process of becoming paying customers. If you look in your Simple Fast Funnels dashboard, you won’t find a feature called CRM. Simply navigate to the opportunities dashboard. The Opportunity Dashboard allows you to track the status of your leads and leads as they move to the next stage based on your pipeline.

Simple Fast Funnels Homepage and Funnel Builder When you take a quick survey, it becomes clear that many Simple Fast Funnels users love the software because of its funnel builder. Most sales funnel builders in the industry are too expensive for many marketers to afford. ClickFunnels, Kartra and many others are expensive. And that’s why Simple Fast Funnels are becoming increasingly popular among marketers. Unlike most other sales funnel software, Simple Fast Funnels is available at an affordable price ofand offers more features than just the funnel.Your funnel builder represents less than 20% of the benefits you enjoy when using Simple Fast Funnels. And that is the unique selling point of the software. Simple Fast Funnels goes deeper into the funnel builder and offers a moderate funnel builder to help you create conversion sales funnels for your business.

Using the same builder, you can create a simple website and add navigation to it. Simple Fast Funnels allows you to connect a custom domain to your funnel and website to obfuscate it. When comparing Simple Quick Funnels with ClickFunnels, some features of Clickfunnels are certainly missing. For example, Clickfunnels allows you to share funnels with others. However, you cannot share funnels on Simple Fast Funnels.However, you can import funnels from Clickfunnels. If you are already a Clickfunnels user, switching to Simple Fast Funnels will not be difficult for you. In addition, you can take advantage of the beautiful funnels.Clickfunnels has imported funnels that you love and you can find them in the simple Quick Funnels. Even in Facebook groups you can find people willing to share funnels for free.You can take advantage of this and also fill your library with lots of Clickfunnels funnels.

Simple Fast Funnels offers advanced settings like smart lists, email marketing campaigns, and much more. Smart lists allow you to segment your email list for better audience targeting. By developing clever lists, you could boom the performance of your advertising campaigns.You can create signup bureaucracy to acquire statistics to your internet site or funnel. In addition to the form builder, Simple Fast Funnels offers a survey builder to better survey your audience. It is a great addition to Simple Fast Funnels.

Below is a summary of what Simple Fast Funnels has to offer as an email marketing tool:
We are not bot programmers or screenwriters, so we always thought that automating our business would be difficult. Simple Fast Funnels saves us hundreds of hours of work every week through automation and the best part? It changed into quite smooth to set up. Through their trigger and campaign systems, we can automate almost everything related to customer processing. 
We can for example:
Email templates

Drag and drop electronic mail designer (visible editor)

Allows you to send, schedule, and archive.

Provides a shape builder and survey builder

Advanced e mail automation

Fast and easy funnel SMS marketing
How about taking marketing campaigns to the next level? Simple Fast Funnels is ideally equipped for this. Simple Fast Funnels offers SMS marketing as a primary feature of its software. SMS Dashboard allows you to manage and nurture customers through SMS marketing. You can text, record and track your messages on Simple Fast Funnels.You don’t need to use a bulk SMS service to inform your customers about your latest launch or discount offer. Right from your Simple Fast Funnels dashboard, you can create and send your text message to all your customers. It has a visual text editor where you can preview your text message on the right side of the screen in the frame of a mobile phone. It will automatically connect and send the text message to all your contacts on your behalf. Interestingly, all messages are logged.Every time your customer responds, the chat will appear in your Simple Fast Funnels dashboard. You can communicate with customers via SMS and email directly through Simple Fast Funnels. Interestingly, as your relationship with customers and prospects grows, you can move them across your CRM dashboard to know the exact status of your customers in the buying process.

Fast and easy funnel reputation management
Reputation Management is the Simple Fast Funnels method of leveraging social proof. As a marketer, you know how important social proof is for businesses. Every review contributes to your company’s reputation. Simple Fast Funnels puts you in control of your brand’s reputation. To do this, you can send a “review request” to your customers so that they can leave you a review on your chosen medium.Simple Fast Funnels can be linked to your Google My Business account to speed up the process of requesting reviews and managing your reviews. You can send customers an email to review your business on Google My Business, with a link to your business page on Google added to the email. The reputation dashboard allows you to view and manage your incoming reviews. You can respond to any review from your reputation dashboard without having to log in to your Google My Business account.

It is a drag and drop interface.
Then have a similar experience with premium funnel builders like ClickFunnels. Simple Fast Funnels offers a library of funnel templates that you can choose from and start your first funnel in minutes. It has hundreds of templates divided into 18 categories. Some categories consist of 4 templates, three templates, six templates, etc. In terms of numbers, funnel templates are worth it.The templates are clean to customise as it’s far a drag-and-drop editor.

Fast and easy funnel email marketing
Another feature worth mentioning is email marketing automation. Simple Fast Funnels serves as a replacement for ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, etc. With Simple Fast Funnels you can build a list, set up an email campaign, and automate your lead nurturing process. Starting from the basics, Simple Fast Funnels will help you design amazing emails for your marketing campaign. Provides e-mail templates that you could edit and customize. Although there are only five email templates, Simple Fast Funnels’ email builder is easy to use, so you can easily create anything from scratch. It offers a visual editor so you won’t get bored while designing and writing your emails. You can choose the type of design you want. You can also add a footer to your email and code it (if you are familiar with codes). This is for starters.

You can also track review requests that you have sent to your contacts to know the status of the request. The reputation dashboard gives you some control over your company’s online reputation. You can efficiently address negative reviews by correcting your mistakes, encouraging customers to learn how you can further improve your service, and satisfying dissatisfied customers. You’ll be surprised at how positive your reviews will be and how social proof will impact what others think about you.Are you wondering whether Simple Fast Funnels is worth it for your business?Simple Fast Funnels would be a great arsenal of your marketing tools if you run an agency and need software to integrate your marketing activities into one dashboard.

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