Signs that your dog requires grooming

Signs that your dog requires grooming
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All dog parents would know the importance of grooming. No matter whether you avail Pet Grooming Service at Home or take your furry friends out for grooming, regular grooming is necessary for their good hygiene and health. Dog grooming is all about their well-being and cleanliness, and would help you to keep a tab on the growth of your fur babies.

Here are a few signs that indicate that your dogs may need grooming:

  • Your dog's ears smell: Even though the ears of a dog are self-cleaning, there are times when wax can build up in their ears or infections can take hold. If anything as such happens, you are likely to notice an odor. Professional groomers shall clean the ears of your dogs, and let you know if they suspect any kind of infections. 
  • They have dull, matted or dirty fur: Outdoor activities like playing and running in the garden or a nearby park is important to keep your dogs in shape. However, during such activities, debris, mud and dirt can build on their skin and fur, making them dirty. Matted fur not just makes your dog look dirty, it can be uncomfortable for them as well. Moreover, dirt, debris and pests get easily trapped in matted coat, leading to skin disease and bacterial infections.  Going for professional Dog Grooming in Delhi NCR can be a great way to get the fur your beloved pets cleaned, and ensure that their coat looks healthy and shiny.
  • You notice signs of parasites or pests: Unfortunately it is easy for pests like ticks and fleas to make a home deep within the coat of your furry friends. These pests can cause skin damage and have a negative impact on the overall health of your pet. Apart from checking your dogs regularly for parasites and other pests, you should also keep an eye out for signs like irritated skin and excessive scratching. Parasites get worse gradually. If not found and treated in time, they can cause serious damage to the health of your dogs, including draining their blood, energy and nutrients. Grooming process usually involves treating the parasites.
  • The nails of your dogs are too long: A lot of dogs tend to naturally trim their nails by walking on hard surfaces like roads, rock and sidewalks. However, dogs that spend majority of their time indoors and run on soft surfaces may have their nails grow uncomfortably long. In such cases, it would be better to get their nails trimmed by professionals.

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