Shangguan tripod iron bone door

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03 January 2023

Yu Wentong seemed to suddenly remember one thing and asked, "Who is the'Qianhuan Shenfei 'you just said?"? Now Where is it? Kang Ze shook his head and said, "I'm afraid no one in Jianghu has ever seen what kind of person she is. As for where she lives, No one knows, so people in Jianghu call her'Qianhuan Shenfei '. As for her real name, it is the same as her personality. No one knows. Yu Wentong suddenly said, "Does the old gentleman still remember that we were lost in Wushan?" Kang Ze nodded. Yu Wentong said, "I once went to a place called the Labyrinth of a Thousand Illusions, and I saw a man who was as beautiful as a fairy, but whose heart was like a snake." "Mistress of the Scorpion, does the old gentleman know that there is such a place in Wushan?" Kang Ze shook his head blankly and said, "Please forgive the old man for his ignorance. He has never heard of the name of the Labyrinth." Yu Wentong added, "Does the old gentleman know a man named'Wonderful Hand Fang Shuo '?" Kang Ze said with a smile, "This man is elusive. The old man has only heard his name but has never seen him. Where did the master meet him?" And? ' Yu Wentong was embarrassed to say all the beautiful things that he was trapped in the "labyrinth of thousands of illusions", so he stopped talking about it. Don't go to bed. The next day, four people set out on the road, Yu Wentong calculated the date, from the "four spirit gang" deputy leader Fang Wentian's appointment is close, then will fight. Calculate the meaning of the meeting to tell Kang Ze and other three people. Xiang Miao exclaimed, "I've heard that Yi Sheng, the leader of the Four Spirits Sect, is very honest and loyal. I hope the leader will show mercy at that time." One two Yu Wentong was surprised and said, "How is it?"? You're not going with us? Xiang Sen bowed and said,Ceramic Bobbin, "My subordinates must rush back to Sanxiang immediately, inform the congregation of the matter of being under the command of the leader, and prepare to meet them." The matter of the master's command will be approved by Fu Wangen. Yu Wentong nodded with a smile, and Xiang Miao said goodbye, so the four of them went their separate ways. In the northeast of Yangzhou, there is a lake named Shaobo Lake. This place has beautiful mountains and rivers and green trees everywhere. On this beautiful lake, But there is an ancient castle built with huge rocks. It is the important place of the famous "Four Spirits Gang" in Jianghu. On this day, when the sun is setting in the west, On the broad stone bridge in front of the castle,Alumina Ceramic C795, there were twenty strong men in narrow sleeves standing in two rows, each with a respectful expression. It seems to be welcoming the arrival of distinguished guests. Suddenly- There was a sudden sound of hoofbeats in the distance, which came quickly from far to near. When I was young, I saw dust and earth covering the sky, dark shadows, rolling towards the castle like chasing the wind and electricity. In the twinkling of an eye, the dust fell and the sand sank, and a line of horses, like dragons and tigers, appeared several feet away in front of the stone bridge. This is a procession of eight riders. For the first two ride, it is a naked black horse, the saddle is silvery white, the pedaling color is golden yellow, which is particularly conspicuous. The man on the horse, on the right, was an old man with silver hair, 7g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic Band Heater, black beard and strange appearance, while on the left, he was extremely vulgar and handsome. The boy in the blue shirt. Between the eyebrows of the young man in the blue shirt, there was a kind of awe and dignity that was hard to describe, and the kind of look of the old man with silver hair and black beard. People's awe shows the extraordinary identity of these two people. He was still followed by a pair of riders, one of whom was an old man in gray with a red face and a long beard, and the other was a man with a long sword on his back. A lean old man. Finally, there were four riders side by side, three men and one woman. Of the four, the youngest was over forty, and each of them had a belt around his waist. A weapon. Except for the old man with silver hair and black beard who laughed loudly from time to time and the handsome talk of the young man in blue shirt, the rest of the strange procession All the people looked solemn and silent. The young man in the blue shirt looked sideways at the old man with silver hair and black beard and said, "The important place of the General Altar of your Sect is really very important, and all the arrangements are in good order." The preface serves to show that the leader of the Yi Sect has a strong leadership. The silver-haired and black-bearded old man laughed and said, "I'm flattered, Master Yuwen." Be proud of one's appearance.  Yi Sheng glared at Fang Wentian and said with a smile, "Master Yuwen,cordierite c520, please.". There are also several friends waiting to meet you in the hall. "" Yu Wentong's cold eyes glanced at Fang Wentian and, accompanied by Yi Sheng, walked into the hall together.

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