Sail into Andaman's Paradise: My Unforgettable Nautika Cruise Experience with Dekho Andaman!

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Imagine a tropical haven where pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life come together to create a magical escape - welcome to the enchanting Andaman Islands! And if you're seeking a seamless journey to this paradise, let me share my unforgettable experience with Nautika Cruise, made possible through the excellent services of Dekho Andaman. So, join me as we set sail on a mesmerizing adventure and explore the wonders of the Andaman Islands with Nautika Cruise, all booked conveniently through Dekho Andaman. 

Discovering the Enchanting Andaman Islands:

From the moment I arrived, the Andaman Islands captured my heart with their awe-inspiring beauty. I found myself amidst turquoise waters that sparkled like precious gems, and lush green forests that embraced me with their tranquility. Radhanagar Beach, hailed as one of the world's most beautiful beaches, offered a surreal experience as I walked barefoot on its soft sands, the gentle waves washing away my worries. And the underwater world of Havelock Island was a mesmerizing tapestry of colors, where I swam alongside graceful turtles, playful dolphins, and a kaleidoscope of vibrant fish. 

But the Andaman Islands offered more than just natural beauty. I delved into their rich history by visiting the poignant Cellular Jail National Memorial, where the stories of resilience and sacrifice left a deep impact on my soul. The Anthropological Museum introduced me to the intriguing culture of the Jarawa tribe, and witnessing their traditional artifacts and rituals was an experience like no other. Each day on these islands was like flipping through the pages of a captivating storybook, with memories etched in my heart forever. Then came the important and most important oi our tour the “The Ferry Journey to the mesmerizing Havelock Island” 

Why Booking Ferry with Dekho Andaman is the Perfect Choice?

Planning my Andaman adventure was a breeze, thanks to Dekho Andaman's exceptional services. We called them and they got us the tickets in 12 hours and took the payment after that. That was incredible!! Seating & ferry timings was the perfect choice we made with the help of them.

  • Port Bair to Havelock / 7.30 am departure / reach in 1 hr.45 minutes
  • Havelock to Port Blair via Neil / 9.20 am departure/ reach in 2 hr 20 minutes 

Here's why Nautika Cruise with Dekho Andaman made my trip truly remarkable: 

Wide Range of Ferry Options: Dekho Andaman provided an extensive selection of ferry options to suit different preferences and budgets. Nautika Cruise stood out with its reliable and comfortable ferry services, ensuring a smooth sailing experience. 

Effortless Online Booking: With Dekho Andaman's user-friendly website, I could effortlessly browse ferry schedules, compare prices, and book my tickets securely, all from the comfort of my home. 

Reliable Customer Support: Throughout the booking process, their dedicated customer support team was there to assist me promptly. Their personalized attention made me feel valued and taken care of. 

Transparent Pricing: Dekho Andaman's commitment to transparency was evident with upfront fares and no hidden costs. I had the freedom to choose the best ferry option that suited my budget, making my journey hassle-free. 

Comfort and Convenience Aboard Nautika Cruise:

When it comes to traveling long distances on water, comfort is essential, and Nautika Cruise delivered beyond my expectations. Their spacious seating arrangements were designed for maximum relaxation, allowing me to choose between cozy window seats or enjoying the sea breeze on the open deck. The whole experience felt like a luxurious retreat, making my journey a delightful part of the adventure. 

Efficient Ferry Timings for Optimal Exploration:

Time is of the essence during a vacation, and Dekho Andaman, in coordination with Nautika Cruise, understood this perfectly. The ferry timings were thoughtfully planned, ensuring they never interfered with my itinerary. I had the freedom to explore the wonders of the Andaman Islands without any time constraints, a priceless gift for any traveler. 

Seamless Island-Hopping with Nautika Cruise:

My desire to explore both Havelock and Port Blair was effortlessly fulfilled with Nautika Cruise's seamless ferry services, all organized by Dekho Andaman. With multiple departures throughout the day, island-hopping became an exciting and convenient experience. I marveled at the connectivity between the islands, making my journey feel like a continuous adventure. 

Safety and Reliability First:

Safety is always a priority while traveling, and with Nautika Cruise and Dekho Andaman, I had complete peace of mind. Nautika Cruise's modern fleet of ferries operated by experienced professionals ensured a secure journey. Dekho Andaman's commitment to reliability meant no last-minute cancellations or disruptions, allowing me to focus on the blissful moments of my Andaman getaway. 

Our Suggestions of Travelers Traveling to Havelock rom Port Blair in Nautika:

  • Try to prefer Royal seat at least for one route
  • Try toi get Nautika as Sea Link is little lower in class and experience
  • Prefer only window seats
  • You can opt to cancel Neil island, and have a return to Port Blair via Neil route experinceing the Neil at the same price 

My journey to the Andaman Islands with Nautika Cruise, all arranged by Dekho Andaman, was nothing short of a dream come true. So, if you're yearning for an Andaman escape like no other, let Nautika Cruise with Dekho Andaman be your trusted companions.

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