Rubber Tiles Flooring for Gym - The Ultimate Guide

Rubber Tiles Flooring for Gym - The Ultimate Guide
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Have you ever heard about rubber tiles before? If yes, then you probably know its value in gyms and other commercial spaces! If you are not aware of rubber tiles popularity then this post is for you!

Rubber tiles are quite popular in gyms nowadays due to their simplicity. Looks similar to puzzle pieces they can be installed with much ease and appears great too. You can install tiles of different colors or go with simple ones too.

If you are planning to design or renovate a gym then you want to create a comfortable set-up where one can enjoy doing workouts regularly. Not gym equipment is everything for creating a perfect gym; you need to install the proper flooring too to prevent equipment and subfloor damage.

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Rubber Tiles Benefits: Listed below are few benefits that show why rubber tiles will be a better choice for you!

Rubber Tiles Can Go Over any Other Flooring

You can easily place rubber tiles on any flooring. It can simply be put over tile, concrete, wood or any other level flooring. Once you are done with installing rubber tiles all over the floor, the final result you will get isa level gym floor.

Shock Absorption: Rubber tiles have shock absorption properties which help in reducing the impact of hefty weights and different exercise equipment. This, in turn, protects one’s joints and prevents sudden falls and injuries.

Slip Resistant: Rubber tiles are slip resistant which prevents sudden falls in gym space. This is particularly vital in areas that are exposed to more moisture.


Rubber tiles are quite durable as they can withstand heavy-weight equipment, foot traffic, impact etc. These all factors make rubber tiles an ideal choice for gym flooring where lot of activity takes place on a regular basis.

Simple to Clean

Rubber tiles can be cleaned with much ease. Simply make use of a vacuum or mop to keep them in good condition. They are stain and odour resistant which makes them perfect for gym surfaces that are susceptible to spills.


Do you know you can buy rubber tiles in different colors, sizes and styles? Yes, that’s true! They can easily be used for creating unique designs and patterns that can hold the attention of anyone visiting your place.

Easy to Replace Damaged Tiles

Do you know the rubber tile's appealing aspect? If any damage happens, only that single piece of tile has to be replaced! This way, you can buy a single tile and replace the damaged tile with a new one.

There are different types of rubber tiles like interlocking rubber floor tiles, rubber floor tiles with texture, square edge tiles, custom rubber floor tiles etc. that one can pick according to their requirements. Gym Mats is a reliable place that you can choose for buying rubber tiles for your gym space as per your needs and budget.

Rubber Tiles Installation

The best thing about rubber tiles is that they can be installed easily. You can either install rubber tiles by loose laying each of them or using glue or double-sided tape.

Loose Lay Gym Flooring: In case of loose laying the rubber tiles, once the tiles are locked together, you are done! Tiles are quite heavy that can remain in place without the need of adhesives. Also, you can pick the tile and can move to another place when required.

Double-Sided Tape: Start using double-sided tape around your floor perimeter. This is also easy and you can shift rubber tiles from one place to another in this case too.

How Long Does It Take to Install Rubber Tiles?

The total time it takes for installing rubber tiles completely relies on the room’s square footage and the tile type you are planning to install. The larger the gym space, the more tiles you have to install which will take much time.

Few tiles can be easily installed while some take much time. Like interlocking tiles can be put together easily on any solid surface. Some tiles require adhesive while installing which no doubt is a time-consuming task.

The size of rubber tiles differs by product. The typical sizes include; 23” *23”, 2*2, 3*3, 4*4 etc. They are available in different sizes that can fit any space properly. Larger tiles are perfect to cover large space and smaller tiles suits best in small-shaped rooms. If you want to know the cost of rubber tiles, get in touch with Gym Mats today!

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Final Insights

Let’s end up this blog post with the hope that it will be going to help you in deciding whether rubber tiles will be the perfect option for your gym or not. A gym is a place that must look appealing in every way but it must have comfortable flooring too in order to perform the workouts in a relaxing way.


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