Root Causes of Flaking Paint Repair on Oil Paintings

Root Causes of Flaking Paint Repair on Oil Paintings
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Any art collector understands that they will likely eventually need to seek assistance with flaking paint repair on oil paintings. Paints applied directly to a canvas, especially those of the Old Masters, will always start to show signs of age and disrepair.

Thankfully, this is not insurmountable – professional art restorers, such as the team at the Simon Gillespie gallery in London's New Bond Street, are capable of bringing any piece of art back from the brink.

It remains vital to understand that flaking paint repair on an oil painting is a symptom of a wider problem. Paint rarely flakes of its own accord, simply due to old age. There will almost always be an explanation for flaking paint, which a professional art conservator will be able to identify.

Some of the most common reasons you'll need to undertake flaking paint repair on oil paintings include:

Inappropriate environment. One of the biggest causes of flaking paint on a painting is the environment in which the artwork resides. Older artwork will invariably suffer if the ambient temperature or humidity is inappropriate. Naturally, you'll also need to keep a close eye on any potential damage, caused by spillages, cleaning mishaps, or exposure to third-party chemicals or agents such as cigarette smoke. Any of these can lead to the need for flaking paint repair on oil paintings.

Damage to a canvas. While reviewing any surface damage to a piece of art, questioning if you will need to investigate a provider of flaking paint repair on oil paintings, do not focus exclusively on the paint itself. Take a good look at the canvas too, as flaking paint can often be a direct consequence of damage here. Even the smallest tear or puncture is not innocuous - it will potentially lead to a need for flaking paint repair on an oil painting eventually.

Substandard framing. As vital as a canvas is to the health of an oil painting, the frame is just as important. If your art is kept in a frame that offers inadequate protection from acidic external elements, or the canvas is crammed too tight into a frame of inappropriate size, you'll be calling on the services of a professional in flaking paint repair on oil paintings sooner or later.

Flaking paint repair on an oil painting is a complex task that needs to be undertaken by a professional art restorer. Make an appointment with the Simon Gillespie gallery to discover if your artwork needs to be reviewed and maintained.

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