Roller vs Rammers: Which is Best for Your Backyard Project?

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28 August 2023

When undertaking a backyard project, choosing the right equipment is paramount to achieving a high-quality finish. Two popular pieces of compaction equipment that are often used are rollers and rammers. But, which is the best option for your project?




Understanding Compaction Equipment

Before diving into the specifics, let’s understand what compaction equipment does. Essentially, they are used to remove air pockets and compress the soil, which strengthens it and prevents future settling. 


Why Rollers?

Rollers are ideal for compacting large, flat areas. They come in different types, such as smooth drum, padfoot, and vibrating. The choice depends on the soil type and compaction requirements. Rollers apply static pressure and kneading action to the soil, thereby effectively compacting granular soils and aggregates. They are perfect for projects like creating a new lawn, setting up a patio, or installing a driveway in your backyard. Rollers are also easy to maneuver, which is essential when working on larger surfaces.


Why Rammers?

On the other hand, rammers are perfect for compacting cohesive soils in smaller, confined spaces. They deliver a series of high-impact blows to the surface, making them excellent for areas that are difficult to access with larger equipment. Rammers are also preferred for their ability to compact soil at deeper levels compared to rollers. They are best suited for projects that require a solid base, like setting up garden beds, installing fences, or laying small pathways.


Making the Right Choice

When choosing between a roller and a rammer for your backyard project, consider the size of the area and the type of soil you are working with. For larger spaces with granular soils, a roller would be ideal. For smaller, tight spaces with cohesive soil, a rammer would be a more suitable choice. RynoHire offers a range of high-quality rollers and rammers, ensuring that you have access to the best equipment for your backyard project.

To make the most out of your project, choose the right equipment that matches your requirements. And when it comes to quality and reliability, Rynohire has got your back!

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